Monday, February 1, 2010

What is Tapping?

What is Tapping?

Tapping is a miracle if you ask me. Nothing else compares, even EMDR, which was revolutionary in healing post-traumatic stress disorder in vietnam veterans and later with childhood abuse healing.

Tapping on just 9 - 14 Acupucture points clears out the blocks of energy stuck in your energy system where emotions and unresolved issues have been stuck.

Tapping is Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Energy Therapy, Energy Medicine, Meridian Energy Therapy or Meridian Energy Tapping, or simply tapping on the acupucture meridian end points.

(But there are also some non-Tapping Energy Healing methods out there like the Emotrance and Therapeutic Touch and others. But back to Tapping for now.)

Did you know that each Acupuncture Meridian has an Emotional component to it?

Acupuncture traditionally heals pain and physical problems by stimulating the energy meridian to flow.

When Energy flows, it flushes out the stuck energy blocks that were being held in the body. This also helps flush out the stuck emotional energy blocks.

Why were they held there? When abused, or in a trauma, we go into a Stress Reaction, we hold our breath, brace ourselves and tighten up. Feelings then can freeze and can stay stuck like that for years.

Tapping acupuncture points melts it away. It relaxes the body and kicks in the Calming Reflex, (what we naturally return to when a stressor is over) and therefore the body and emotions relaxe. When the body relaxes we naturally breath deeper and we soften as well as energize in a very gentle, safe way.

When we continue Tapping, the energy in our body's energy system starts to flow better.

So if you 'tune into" a fear while Tapping, the physical reaction of fear and the mental associations of that fear and the emotional reaction of that fear all get cleared away within minutes and you feel relief.

My goal is to help "Tapping" become a household word. Everyone should know the magic at their fingertips that can help with all life's little aggravations and major events. Tapping calms us down but also makes us stronger. We have more energy and more empowerment when blocked energy is released. We are less vulnerable to the old emotional triggers, or they vanish completely in many cases.

The website Tapping( has some videos that you can follow along with for free right now. I don't know the guy who runs that site, but I like his videos. His site is great for basic Tapping. But I want to have a Recovery Tapping site to really Tap into the healing that is available now. So, remember Tapping but also don't forget Recovery Tapping!

To Your Recovery
JP Bailey, MA