Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tapping On Codependency for Emotional Relief

Got Issues?
Struggling with Codependency?
Ever heard of Tapping? (Emotional Acupuncture for the Emotions – Without the Needles)
Then this New Book On Kindle is for You!
In it you will learn how to use Tapping to Clear up the Codependency “Laundry List”.
You will learn everything you need to know about Meridian Energy Tapping – Diagrams included with easy instructions.
You will also have the workbook at the end with a chart to plot your progress that includes over 500 statements to Tap on.
Half of the statements are specific to codependency and abuse issues.
The other Half of the statements are specific to Empowering Your Recovery & Your Life.
Tapping Works. Try it for a CHANGE!
Recovery Is An Action Word
~ Jeanette ~

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery - NEW Book Out!

“Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery”
by J.P. Bailey, MA
Just Released on Kindle HERE my new self-help book that has been 3 years in the making.
I wrote the book from a psychologist’s perspective who had learned E.F.T. or “Tapping” and the recovery model during the same 10-year period. Both of which were new and were barely heard of at the time.
Tapping worked so good that as I became certified in various methods, I eventually retired from psychology because I thought it worked better and faster than costly therapy and honestly, it was getting hard for me to listen to people’s feelings without being able to tell them to start Tapping on it for quick relief!
When I was a Social Worker for the County, we went through a 5 year transition period from the old-school “sick” model to more of a balanced “wellness recovery model” which was about self-care. (Not to be confused with any twelve step program, the recovery model is a “model” about mental health and wellness, and not a program and has no “steps”. Its a planned daily, weekly routine of taking healthy actions.)
In 2010 it dawned on me that most of my Tapping clients were healing from childhood and addiction related issues and traumas and that most of them referred to it as their codependency issues. A Tapping book was needed that addressed CODEPENDENCYspecifically.
After not being able to find one on the topic, I decided to write it.
I decided to write about Tapping for Codependency using the Recovery Model.
My first 12 step meeting was on Codependency or Adult Children of Alcoholics back in 1987, and over the years have attended hundreds of various 12 step meetings. They all seemed to mention underlining codependency issues when the main problem involved being obsessed with another person to the point of neglecting themselves. Recovery was about taking better care of ourselves, the getting over the emotions took a long time.
It was never enough for me.  I went to energy healers and hypnotists, I went to rebirthing retreats and avatar classes, I went to unity churches and metaphysical bookstores. I searched for years for emotional relief that was right in my fingertips all along.
In fact, I’d say it was so painful to have those emotions without the emotional relief I got fromtapping that I couldn’t bare to even acknowledge it and avoided meetings for years at a time followed by another frenzied search down yet another spiritual answer lane. I don’t regret those days, if I wasn’t looking I may not have stumbled upon E.F.T. when I did.
I found myself at various seminars and workshops learning more and more about Energy Psychology. Every time I used it to Tap on an issue – it went away, I was no longer upset and I felt calm. It was like taking an aspirin for every headache that came up. Only this time it was a huge emotional relief just tapping on my acupuncture points. I didn’t understand why everyone was not tapping or knew about it, it worked so darn good.
It worked better than hypnosis or any other technique I had ever learned and I had been studying and working in psychology since high school. As a teen I was in foster care and group homes and recovery and I always gravitated toward counseling and healing.
I eventually got a Master’s degree in Psychology and knew it would be my life’s work.
I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques in 2002 when Gary Craig gave his EFT book away on his site for free and sold the videos to his training. I got them all. Then I had to buy them again years later when everything went to DVD!
He later retired and many other Meridian Energy leaders emerged with research, books, training and videos. I’ve loved learning from them all. I saw Donna Eden in San Diego when her “Energy Medicine” and “Energy Psychology” books came out.
It would be 8 years later that the idea dawned on me to write a book on Tapping for Codependency and I worked on it for a year before it was ready.
Then I had to learn the internet to get it out to people. In 2011 I posted it to Facebook and Twitter and had a blog – which I later lost all the content from. So starting over now in 2013 – I got it on Kindle.
So, its even cheaper now because its on Kindle, and I’ve learned a little bit more about Internet Marketing.
I have been making my living on the internet from home for over a year now. But not in the self-help niche. I’ve been in the Internet Marketing space this year and its a blast. I sell traffic and build lists, write emails and promote stuff that is selling. I even have a few students.
But I’ve got to start over in the Self-Help niche and get the word out. Mainly I’m posting it on Twitter, get I also need a Press Release and some other marketing that I am going to outsource. I could have never gotten this far without outsourcing jobs and doing some great joint ventures too.
So that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it!  LOL  My new book “Emotional Freedom Techniques For Codependency Recovery” …
==> Is on Kindle HERE!
Thank you for passing it on!  (You never know who might really need it.)
~ Jeanette ~
J.P. Bailey, MA

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