Saturday, February 20, 2016

Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices -

 I'm working on my next book/workbook on depression.  It's a Depression Wellness Protocol
basically, and I'm toying around with the idea of making it an adult coloring workbook.

I've studied depression (and mental health recovery) my whole life, decades, I do rehab with people with depression (and other mental health issues) every day.

I assess the symptoms every day, and I'm also reading some good books on reversing the effects of depression with things like yoga, pleasurable experiences and taking them in a few extra seconds, mindfulness, EFT/Tapping and W.R.A.P. plans, along with EMDR, theater, Parts Therapy and a lot of this being documents within the new brain science.

So I got to thinking about how I could create an easy and fun WRAP for people with depression. A plan of recovery action, without 'stealing' anyone else's ideas in all these books I've read, and all the teachers I've had.  It got me thinking about what we did with older adults and the new recovery model; to get them to remember a wellness daily routine, we had an acronym of APES. Since we were APS, we thought it'd be easier to remember.  APES stood for action, pleasure, exercise and social and asked people with depression to pick those 4 activities and do them each day, every day as a recovery action plan.

They could pick any action they wanted, as long as they took 1 step of any action toward anything they wanted. To pick any pleasure they wanted to reward themselves for taking the action and to do one type of movement and one type of socializing each day also.

The clients who did a small daily routine and worked at doing it each day got better.

The ones who didn't either stayed the same or got worse.

Forward about 8 years and I now use the acronym grapes to add in growth and reward to the action/pleasure/exercise/social routine. This way, they have to take an action that helps their growth or is toward a goal they want, and the action is what they accomplish and the pleasure is a pleasure they like not just a reward for the action, but pleasure for pleasure sake.

As I was trying to tie this into Tapping and using Qi Gong and other things that help people heal, I was looking at all the Symptoms of depression and realized they are all about body/mind/feelings,
and if I could help people to create a GRAPE routine that addressed all three each day, they would be increasing their Wellness, they'd get a relief from their depression, they would stop it from going downhill, they would feel better and be creating the possibility for it to start going uphill.

This is what self-help recovery is all about. Self-help recovery is a wellness routine and addressing your issue. It is not about steps and anonymous programs. That is another kind of recovery and it is self help and the social support is probably the best anyone could find for any problem and go to for free and have their life changed for the better.

Mainly because relationships, connecting and engaging with people (especially like-minded, caring people) are healing in and of themselves.

So I got a GRAPES protocol in draft form now. It's a Wellness Protocol for Depression which results in a daily grapes routine that in or of itself makes it easy to remember and to do.

I got a packet with worksheets, etc. and nice illustrations of grapes that people can color purple if they want, and write their daily routine into.

My goal is to post that booklet here on this blog so everyone can benefit from it.

Then I'll work on the one I got sketched out next; the one on post traumatic stress disorder and trauma. I want to put all my healing techniques and wellness protocols together to help teach people how they can self-help and how best to do self-care on a daily basis to aid them in their recovery and will help even if they do nothing else.

This is in addition to whatever your doctor instructs you to do. This does not replace medical or mental health care. It is a self-help addition to increase your overall wellness.

Two of my girls are doing a mindfulness technique every day for 90 days, one is keeping a journal, so we can see how it works and maybe create a group later.

A couple of my folks are tapping, I'm encouraging people to do yoga or qi gong and about a group of 5 depressed artists are helping me assemble the Grapes Workbook.

Its a work in progress but I can see it growing over time and then snowballing into an entire program. The idea is to Teach people to Teach people, that way it gets passed on and have enough of the materials freely available so that more people can heal and pass it on to others.

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Thank you,

 J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC Emotional Freedom Coach