Thursday, November 9, 2017

What if You Could Train Your Inner Critic Like A Little Puppy...

What would you do?

How would you train it?

Have you ever trained a puppy before?

You tell it what you want - and reward it for getting it right.

You tell it what you don't like - and put it in time out if it won't stop.

You love it and you take control of it and a bond of love and respect grows.

Some people never once question or talk back to their inner critic. But you can have a lot of productive conversations with it and change the way you interact with it.

You don't have to listen and believe it and let it make you hide or isolate in bad thinking.

You don't have to let it run around tearing the house up and peeing on everything.

You can discipline it.

You can push back.

You can question it.

You can ask it why it's saying what it's saying.

You can ask it what it wants.

You can ask it how it's trying to help you.

You can get a lot of insightful answers.

You can do a lot of change work with the answers, make new decisions, tell it what you want.

You can ask it to help you get your goals done without all the bad feelings.

You can transform your inner critic into your inner coach by recalling all the times you felt good, proud, strong, brave, love, faith, grateful and positive states of mind like that, and then make some new decisions.

This is all part of the idea that healing from complex trauma requires one to empower themselves with more empowerment. Getting tasks accomplished is empowering. Losing yourself in art or music is empowering. You got to find your empowering activities and then do them often.

You will get stronger. You will heal. You will be more self-directed.

You'll soon have a loyal, loving, trained full grown dog after you raise a puppy that will give you job and company for years to come.

Same with your inner critic. You put the time in the first year and it pays off where you now have a companion to take with you wherever you go. You can run things by it. It loves it when you ask it what it thinks about people or choices or situations. You make decisions and then go within to see how you really feel about them.

Your inner critic stars to become your coach. To make it easier, read powerful, positive affirmations to yourself daily and after awhile, you'll hear those words ring in your head where once your inner critic once was.

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