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“Finally… How To Heal Years Of Emotional Abuse And Codependency In Under 3 Minutes… Just By Tapping With Your Fingers!”
 Sounds Impossible? Stay With Me As I Show You How This Form Of ‘Acupuncture Withoutthe Needles’ Has Helped Thousands Of People Around The World Find Emotional Relief From Their Problems… Even Those That Have Bothered Them For Years!
 From the desk of:
Jeanette P. Bailey, MA, MHRS, EFT-CC
San Diego, California

Dear Friend,
I don’t know how you stumbled upon this page.
Maybe you came here through Google, hoping to find a solution to your emotional problems.
Or maybe a friend recommended that you check this out.
Whatever your reasons or problems are, I know one thing for sure.
I know you want relief. You want an end to the years of emotional suffering and pain that have plagued you. You want an answer to your problems, fast.
Sadly, modern forms of therapy have conditioned us into thinking that recovery is a slow andpainful process. We have been led to believe that since our issues have affected us for so many years, it takes years of therapy and treatment to “undo the damage”.
That’s why countless individuals spend years in and out of therapy for codependency and other related issues, never really finding the true emotional relief they seek. Others find themselves constantly being drawn into dysfunctional relationships, repeating their earlier patterns of abuse or trauma.
But what if there’s a way to…
Collapse And Resolve Your Emotional Problems
In Minutes Instead of Years?
Would you be willing to at least give it a try?
I know this sounds like a great promise. But first let me share my own experiences.
From the age of 14 to 17 I was in the foster and group home system. I went through an abusive and traumatic childhood which left me with a poor self-image, constant fear and abusive voices in my head.
When I was old enough to strike it out on my own, I went to college, got my degree and vowed to help others who were suffering like me. In my desperation, I tried everything from hypnosis, metaphysics, religion, self-help to psychic healings but nothing worked to relieve the pain from my abusive childhood.
I later went into social work and became a counselor, and while my education helped me to dissolve some of the emotional trauma from my earlier years… I still found myself getting into dysfunctional & codependent relationships.
Frustrated, I took up a Master’s Degree in Psychology to “figure it all out”. While the intellectual side of me understood why I kept getting “stuck”… I made very slow progress emotionally.
Old fears and insecurities still came back to haunt me.
I didn’t seem to be making much headway until one day…
I Heard About This Silly Method Of
Tapping On Parts Of My Body With My Fingers!
 The first time I heard this, I almost fell off my chair.
Years of traditional training in psychology and counseling told me “it can’t possibly be THAT easy!”
I was incredulous, but also desperate.
Like you, I wanted complete relief from my problems. Not just partial relief where I felt good for a few days or weeks, and then find myself hitting rock bottom emotionally again.
I was willing to give this a try, no matter what it took.
Fortunately, this method took very little.
Developed and fine-tuned by Gary Craig, a retired engineer who holds an engineering degree from Stanford, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as it is called involves tapping on a series of meridian points on various parts of the body.
Because these energy meridian points correspond to those used by the 8,000 year old ancient healing art of acupuncture from the East… it has been called…
Acupuncture For The Emotions Without Needles!
The science behind EFT is simple.
Whenever we experience an unwanted emotion (such as feelings of despair, fear, worthlessness, anger, resentment), there is a disruption in the body’s energy system. This disruption in turn can be relieved by tapping on specific meridian points, such that the unwanted negative feeling is dissipated.
EFT excited me for two main reasons. First, it takes someone less than 15 minutes to pick up the basic version of EFT which they can then use on themselves to solve a variety of emotional problems.
Second, it is a non-invasive form of therapy that “cuts through” all the emotional issues or trauma and deals directly with your unwanted emotions. Conventional therapy attempts to do the opposite – By trying to dissolve the issues that give rise to the emotions, or by having an individual “re-live” the traumatic episodes.
But there was one remaining problem.
While EFT has worked successfully for phobias to even curing headaches, no one has applied EFT to codependency before. That’s when I decided to try it out for myself. I started applying EFT to my codependency issues and immediately felt…
 A Deep, Profound Shift That Years Of Conventional Therapy Failed To Provide!
That was when I knew I had found THE way that worked. And that my application of EFT to codependency issues has the potential to help thousands of sufferers around the world.
If you have read until here, you must be interested to learn how EFT works, and how you can experience it for yourself.
Fortunately, EFT is free. It costs nothing for you to learn and anyone can pick it up in as little as 15 minutes.
However… here’s why you would want some guidance when applying EFT to codependency issues:
  • EFT deals with one “aspect” of a problem at a time. For example, if you are feeling angry at an abusive father, then one round of EFT tapping (less than 3 minutes) is aimed at dissolving the anger you’re feeling.
  • After a single round of EFT, a few things can possibly happen. If you’re like most people, your anger would have totally diminished to zero, or it might be of a lesser intensity. This is where you can do subsequent rounds of EFT tapping to further lower the intensity of this negative feeling.
  • Typically, those with codependency issues experience a range of unwanted feelings and negative emotions (ranging from anger, guilt, self-hatred, resentment to hopelessness).
To ensure that all the related issues surrounding your codependency are properly taken care of, you must know what “aspects” of your problem to applyEFT on…
 Here’s Where My “Emotional Freedom Techniques For Codependency Recovery” Guide Comes In Handy…
Written by a trained and experienced EFT practitioner with a Master’s degree in Psychology who has successfully overcome my own codependency problems (and help others do the same), I have identified one hundred and twenty-three traits & symptoms commonly associated with codependency.
While you may be aware of some of these predominant negative feelings, the list also brings out many “aspects” of codependency you may be unaware of. These may include feelings you have suppressed over many years that can potentially cause blocks in your road to recovery. Complete identification of traits is important to ensure a full recovery.
Here’s how this works:
  1. You first take the before self-assessment to see where you are now. Then you go through each one of the 123 common traits / symptomsof codependent individuals I have identified and tick the statements that apply to you. For example, “I feel inner rage boiling up” may apply to you while “I’m a perfectionist” may not.
  2. Beside each statement that applies, you write down its intensity, or how true the statement feels for you on a 1 – 10 numeric scale.
  3. Finally, I will guide you by hand and take you through the EFT process for each of the relevant symptoms… and have you record the amount of relief you feel after each round of tapping.
  4. Lastly, I will take you through 495 Empowering Recovery Statements choosing the ones you want as your new decisions…and have you record the amount of empowerment you feel after each round of tapping.
Besides giving you tangible action steps to work on, learn:
  • How EFT has been successfully used by psychologists, licensed therapists and even health professionals to relieve mental and even physical conditions… and how you can apply these lessons to your own codependency issues.
  • The hidden root cause of codependency and why it can be extremely destructive if left unchecked
  • Why our innate human need to bond with other individuals results in disruptive, codependent relationships and how you can resolve this with EFT
  • How to disrupt the energy patterns that keep getting you back in abusive and traumatic relationships
  • How to use EFT (I show you the exact words to use) to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, such that you are instantly aware of dysfunctional, abusive individuals before they have a chance to affect you!
  • What to do about feeling drained by certain people and yet still feeling drawn to them like it’s your mission to make them happy – when all they ever do is to criticize you, stirring up your feelings of not being good enough? (I show you how to deal with this problem in just 3 minutes)
  • How the programming we receive during the first 5 years of our lifeaffects the way we operate during adulthood… and how to snap out of this self-defeating cycle
  • Are you someone who constantly seeks to please and be approved by others at your own expense? I teach you how to use EFT to get rid of this personality trait permanently.
  • Are you afraid “you’ll get into trouble” if you want something good for yourself, or do you feel “selfish” if you care for yourself? EFT can banish these feelings of guilt in an instant.
  • Do you feel self-doubt and guilt triggered whenever someone is mad at you, even though you know they are the ones being abusive to you?
  • Are you someone who often feels embarrassed or ashamed for no reason and miss out on social opportunities because of it?
  • Do you feel that nice, healthy people wouldn’t accept you if they found out how “dysfunctional” you really are?
  • Do you feel you can’t get the love you want deep down inside, even though you’re successful in other areas of your life?
  • Do you feel that you are non-deserving of the good things that happen in your life… or that you unconsciously push away opportunities? Learn how you can “tap” this away with EFT by using the right statements.
  • The truth about sexual issues and why they are so predominant in codependent relationships
  • The #1 thing you should do every morning to support yourself in your codependency recovery journey
  • What every codependent individual should first establish to avoid sinking into old disruptive habits and patterns
  • How to undo the years of guilt and self-hatred you might be experiencing as a result of “wrong” actions you did in the past (If you’re still beating yourself up over the past, this technique will give you instant relief.)
  • The truth about seeking help from a “higher power”, and the role this plays in your recovery
 You Can Experience EFT For Yourself
Within The Next 15 Minutes…
 As a counselor, EFT is now a mainstay in my toolbox. I use it all the time with my clients and they can hardly believe the fast relief it brings for their problems… even those that have bothered them for years.
But the point has come where I may not be able to help as many clients as I like in a one-to-one setting… that’s why I wrote this guide to allow you to experience the positive, healing effects of EFT for yourself.
Let’s face it. One reason why EFT is so powerful is because its effects can be instantly felt and experienced by the individual. Only you know how you feel, and you can tell whether your negative feelings have diminished almost immediately.
That’s why I want you to give yourself a chance and try this method out for yourself.

 “Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery  – Learn Simple Meridian Energy Tapping to Quickly Heal Abuse and Codependency”
J.P. Bailey, MA
 Get A Copy of my Workbook for just $9.99 on Kindle today, read through it and follow my instructions. It is just like having me, a fellow codependency survivor, in the room with you, guiding you each step along the way. There is nothing invasive about the techniques… just simple tapping as you recite certain phrases which I’ll explain fully in the book.
 WARNING: This May Be The Last Piece Of Advice
You’ll Ever Need!
I don’t know about you… but EFT was the last recovery tool I needed. It achieved what years of therapy, self-help and “positive thinking” could not do… by dealing directly with my negative emotions as they arose.
I hope to help you do the same too. If you don’t even wish to try this process out for yourself, risk-free today… how much longer are you going to suffer in silence?
Yours truly,
Jeanette P. Bailey, MA
P.S – If you are going to spend more than $9.99 this year on therapy sessions and other treatments… why not do something that has been proven to work in as little as 15 minutes? Remember – If this does not free you from your emotional abuse… you lose nothing!
Listen to what others are saying about “EFT for Codependency Recovery
“I found Jeanette’s work with EFT to be deeply calming and soothing to the central nervous system. This allowed me to experience my thoughts and emotions in a clearer, more detached way, thereby allowing me to make more empowering choices in my daily life. I especially appreciate the way her work teaches you to learn how to use emotionally centering techniques on your own, whenever you need to remind yourself to address a stressful issue or situation from a new perspective, without simply reverting to old emotional response patterns or outdated coping mechanisms.”

P.S – (If you are going to spend more than $9.99 this year on therapy sessions and other treatments… why not do something that has been proven to work in as little as 15 minutes? Remember – If this does not free you from your emotional abuse… you lose nothing!)