Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Gauge Protocol Or How To Increase Your Energy, Vitality, Metabolism and MORE With EFT!

Here's a neat twist on the Tapping method.  Instead of 'Tapping' on problems, you can Tap on a measurement or gauge that you want to increase.

Say I ask you to rate your overall Energy Level from 1 -10. What number are you at right now?  How high or low is your Energy?

Good, now write that number down.

Then go through the Metabolism Protocol and TAP your Energy Level UP!

When done Tapping a round or two, re-take your gauge and see what the number feels like now. Hopefully the number went up.  Keep at it and your Energy-Body-Mind will follow along.

But, I thought, why stop there?  Why not TAP to INCREASE anything that you can measure or gauge.  Why not TAP to increase balance, strength, or even memory or mental clarity???

See full list of ideas I came up with here:

The Gauge Protocol

Now for the actual TAPPING Protocol on what to say while Tapping, I borrowed from the Metabolism Protocol you can see and download from here:

Metabolism Protocol

I figure why re-write the whole thing when I've had it in my Recovery Binder "Cream of the Crop" for years.  I just scanned the thing in its entirety so you can learn it too.  At the time I was working on my resistance to doing anything, like working out, because at the time I had mild depression and didn't know it.  I just knew I had this huge resistance to doing what I wanted, as if I had to force myself and swim through honey just to get it done - and it felt like drudgery!

When I found the Metabolism Protocol, I thought that was a great way to increase my energy and my willingness to work out.  As well as identify all the thoughts in my head that were discouraging me, so I could create Tapping Choices Statements and work on those.

It worked.  I was able to get up off my butt and do some power walking and other exercise so I could burn off the food I was eating and counter-act the sedentary lifestyle I was living which mainly consisted of sitting at my lap top and laying on the couch watching TV.

Try it out.  It's a fresh take on Tapping and you might just increase your energy in a real way that helps you this week.

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JP Bailey, M.A.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

What Do You TAP On When You Can't Think Of An Issue? Easy.... Check Out A REAL FEELINGS LIST! |EFT Tapping|What To TAP on

What Do You TAP On When You Can't Think Of An Issue?



FEELINGS LIST - Grist for the Mill to Tap On When You Can't Thing of Anything!

Print that out and circle every feeling that gives you a little jolt or charge inside.

Notice there are positive feelings too, draw a box around the positive feelings you want more of.

There are some pretty charged words on that list, some may trigger you.... But, if you're done with being stuck with them and you're up for it, circle those words a couple times and get ready to do some Tapping on what they trigger in you so you can get free of them holding you back in life.

Just reading a word that hits the nail on the head, can cause a body sensation and open up Pandora's Box.

Page 2 is "RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS"  which goes perfectly with my Tapping on Codependency book.  For this one, I would suggest listing more than one person for each word that you resonated with.

Remember, you may pick a word you feel now and you're thinking of a recent break-up, but digging deeper, you see you felt the same way about other people in your past, and if you thought about it, you'd inevitably find yourself thinking of a relative that made you feel the same way.

Hooray, you found a pattern, an inner part, an identity, a belief within you that you can heal yourself. You can re-process and re-organize any pattern, part, identity or belief with the right tools.

The fastest way to find out which relative or memory it stems from is to ask yourself, "What does this word remind me of" and have an open mind as you see who or what comes up.

So, you want to TAP on BOTH the recent person that made you feel that way, and the relative that made you feel that way when you were younger, and took it to heart, and started to believe what that must have thought about you.

Recovery Tapping says, "What they think about you is wrong".

Clearing out and healing the Part of you, that up to now, believed they were right, is the key to transformation.

With that belief about yourself gone, you can get back to who you really are, Have compassion for yourself. Be nice to yourself.

Because the present YOU knows the TRUTH about you, and what anyone else thinks of you is of no consequence really because thoughts can't affect you.  Their thoughts..., which you can never hear or know or realize are mostly focused on themselves.  Other people's thoughts can't hurt you.  What you think they believe about you does not have to hold you back.

Once you've circled the words that feel intense or give you a negative charge, then begin one by one tapping on them. I'm sure you know how to tap by now and have already tried it, but if not or you are new, then I suggest you first go back and learn EFT and try Tapping on several things first and see how it works.

Once you have the confidence that with Tapping you can handle any feeling, you're ready to start digging up some old, buried ones.

I hope these feeling word and relationship problem words lists help you to uncover some things that you can start tapping on today that will change your life. I hope that you too can stop the direction they are pushing you in, and instead clear them up and with a clear head, reorient yourself to the here and now and decide what you want.

Knowing what you'd rather have instead is the key to making it happen.  You have to know what you want. Well, its hard to know what you want with all these negative feelings and thoughts in the way. So the trick is to Tap on these one by one, and as you do, you feel neutral or less upset by them, you're thinking is clearer.  You can start choosing what you want instead.  Choose loving yourself. Choose seeing your skills and talents and see yourself in the near future practicing them. Choose self-compassion. Choose to be yourself. Choose to love and accept yourself and be free to do what you really want in life.

Then the real adventure begins. You will still have issues come up, but they'll be new ones, not the old stuff constantly never letting you out of the gate.  When new issues come up now that you're out there living life and taking risks and being yourself more and more, you have tools to deal with them and you keep going.

Living is experiencing.  Experiences are the only thing you can count on to have a least partial control over. You can steer yourself in any direction you want in life. There are stumbling blocks out there, its not always easy, but at least you're in the game instead of hiding out of fear and old emotional stuff holding you back.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dr. Joseph Mercola speaks about EFT Tapping

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is Wellness Recovery? | What is a WRAP? | What are GRAPES?| Mental Health Daily Routine

I'm sitting here in my home office, looking at all the recovery and energy psychology books I have on my shelf..., and looking at my white board where I wrote some notes about Wellness,... And, I'm thinking, "I ought to do a video on this".

But as techy-handicapped as I am.... I'll have to settle for writing a blog post to try and capture this extremely empowering formula that I have put together since putting Recovery and Tapping together.

I may have to change it to Wellness and Tapping, as Wellness Recovery is what I am into more and more.

What is Wellness Recovery?

Wellness Recovery is about getting and staying well.  The new way to look at illness is about getting well and not just focusing on the sickness and the symptoms, not just treating the sickness but doing wellness activities to promote wellness as well.

Wellness Recovery starts with the question: "What are you like when you're well?"

So you answer that question so its in black and white what you are like when you are well.

Then, the next question is: "What do you need to do on a regular basis to stay well?"

And that answer starts to develop your daily and weekly routine that will keep you well in the long run.

Then you work on improving that routine to create a well-rounded wellness in all the main areas of your life.

What do you need to do every day to get or stay well?
What do you need to do every weeek, every so often, every month, every year, to stay well?

There are a couple ways to create this plan. One is called W.R.A.P. and another is called G.R.A.P.E.S.

WRAP is Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Created by Mary Copeland, it is a set of questions that help to plan for one's recovery.

GRAPES is an acronym that serves as an easy to remember way to do a well-rounded daily routine of recovery. If you do something for each letter of 'grapes', then we are doing things daily to keep up well.

Wellness plans, like WRAP, also plan for triggers. When you learn how to identify your triggers that make you sick or unwell, you can then start to plan for strategies to handle it when they happen again in the future.

In essence, you are learning your own symptom management. Recovery is all about self-management and self-help and self-directed.

You direct your own life, I just suggest that you direct it toward wellness and try to balance your activities so that each area of your life have regular wellness routines so that in the long run, over time, you will be more well.

Which is better than being sick or getting sick and not doing anything but dealing with the sick symptoms.

You're adding in more wellness things so that you have more wellness as a result.

So wellness is maintaining wellness actions on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be perfect or perfectly followed, but at least you have it to go back to when you find yourself slipping into old illness triggers or symptoms.

So in each main life area, you would rate how well it is and then set a goal for that area to make it better. Ask yourself how you want each are to look or feel or be and go with your wants when setting goals. Otherwise you won't be motivated to work towards them.

When I need to regroup or think I ask myself 3 questions and I let my mind think of the answers and write them down:

1. Where am I at?
2. What's going on?
3. What do I need to do?

That helps me clarify what my goals are in each area.

The key to change is identifying what you want to change and replacing old actions with new ones that can get the same intention that the old goals were attempting to.

Increase positive actions and decrease negative ones.

The old way of change was using cognitive-behavioral therapy. In essence, you would look at your thoughts around an action you wanted to change and work toward changing your thoughts to change your actions.

The new way with Wellness NLP is to cooperate. To get all Parts of you to agree to get your wants met.

This greatly helps reduce the resistance to change.

When you want to check in on how you're doing, ask yourself these three things:

1. What are my wins this week?
2. What were my challenges this week?
3. What is my focus this week?

When you are stuck in an old behavior, ask yourself, "What do you like about this dysfunctional behavior?"  It may seem like a weird question, but you must ask yourself why you are doing something you want to change. You need to ask yourself what you're getting out of it.

Then find a new behavior that could get you that same result but in a better, healthier way.

Stages of Change

Wellness Recovery takes in to account what stage of change you are in. The goal is to move through the stages, not force an overnight change. Change is hard. Its a process. Working with your resistance and asking questions is one way to help you through the process.

Pre-contemplation - you are not thinking about change yet and may be resistance to any hint of change at this stage.
Contemplation - you are thinking about change in this stage
Action - You are starting to make changes
Maintenance - you have made changes and now are in the maintenance stage where you are keeping up your new behaviors.

Use EFT for recovery. Use NLP to empower yourself to make changes.