Saturday, September 11, 2010

Psy-Qi-Soma Spiritual Empowerment Protocol

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The Psy-Qi-Soma Spiritual Empowerment Protocol

This Energy Psychology Protocol is one I developed that I call "Psy-Qi-Soma Energy Empowerment Healing" (PSEEH). Psy for the mind, Qi for energy and Soma for the body. I thought I'd have fun with it and pronouce PSEEH as "see" since the 'p' and the 'h' are typically silent in many English words.

PSEEH was designed to work with the emotional meaning behind the energy points. For example in acupuncture each meridian has an emotional correspondance related to it, both positive and negative. The Lung Meridian is associated with grief and joy. Same with the chakra system of energy; the third eye point is associated with seeing on an inner or higher level or being blind to it.

For the PSEEH Protocol Series I took the postive emotional component and designed a keyword or phrase for each point. Then I matched up an empowering topic such as motivation, self-esteem or weight loss and designed the statement to fit the topic with the emotional keywords in mind, thus giving it an empowering effect.

So for example the Heart Chakra is about Love. In the Motivation Empowerment Protocol the Heart point statement is: I love to be motivated. For the Self-Esteem Empowerment Protocol the Heart statement is: I love to value myself. For weight loss empowerment: I love my body.

Below is my Psy-Qi-Soma Spiritual Empowerment Protocol. The word 'spiritual' can mean many things to many people. I suspect that it means a completely different thing to each and every one of us for we are all unique individuals. That is why I designed the statements with a mixture of spiritual words for you to choose from.

Feel free to substitute any spirtual name with what you are comfortable with. (It does not matter if you say "God", "Higher Power", "Universal Love", "Allah", "Soul", "Spirit", "Angels" etc.) The intention and meaning of spiritual acknowlegement and connection between you, your energy and your spirituality are the same.

Along the left hand side are the meridian and charkra points to Tap on or simply hold or touch, while saying the statements with Spiritual Empowerment in mind. So, without further ado here is...

by J.P. Bailey, MA

Heart --- I love myself and my Higher Power.
Third Eye --- I see Love in my life.
Eyebrow --- I allow my Soul to be in charge of my life.
Side of Eye --- I choose to have Spirit in my life.
Under Eye --- I trust that my Higher Power loves me.
Under Nose --- I accept God's love and attention into my life.
Chin --- I have God's Love and Wisdom within me.
Collarbone --- I am proud of myself and my intuition.
Under Arm --- God/dess is loving toward me.
Right Rib --- Spirit goes ahead of me and prepares the way.
Thumb --- I have faith that my Higher Power can handle my problems.
First Finger --- I ask God to remove the blocks in my path.
Middle Finger --- I ask the Universal Spirit to co-create with me.
Little Finger --- I love myself as my Higher Power loves me.
Karate Chop --- I decide to Let Go and Let God.
Gamut Spot --- The Life force of the Universe loves me.
Solar Plexus --- Love grounds and centers me.
Crown --- Spirit sends love to me and I am open to receive it.

This is a great way to start your morning prayer and meditations!


J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC
Mental Health Recovery Specialist
Energy Psychology Practitioner