Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emotional Vampires

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Here is just a little taste of what tips I can share with you right now to protect yourself from emotional vampires - those toxic or unsafe people, ones that drain you. We call them emotional vampires because they suck the energy out of you and you feel deflated, doubtful, confused, defeated, helpless and depressed. You lost your natural state of calm, conscious confidence.

Here are some energy moves that can help.

First the "Zip Up" - just like you are zipping up a jacket, you put one hand right about where your pubic bone begins, and you zip up with your hand until you get to your chin point or right under the lower lip. Repeat 3 times.

This is your governing meridian and if you Zip it up, it can protect you so that you are not so vulnerable and being a volunteer to be someone's target. It is also a way to be more conscious of having a boundary up and around you so you will be more conscious of who you let in.

When you have a shield up, it is very hard for anyone to get in, unless you want them in. Zipping up your energy is a good idea whenever you're going somewhere where you know an emotional vampire will be. You need to be prepared ahead of time by reviewing your boundaries, your time limits and your exit strategy. Zip up your energy three times every time you leave the house or about to go somewhere new or where you are unsure of how safe you will be emotionally.

Another energy move is a sweeping motion down from the back of your head, down your spine and off the tailbone at the end. Think of it as a 'swish' and that you are sweeping the energy down and off of you. So starting at the back of head, with your hand sweep down as far as you can, try another position or switch hands and keep going down your back, it's ok if you can't reach every single inch - just imagine it as you sweep the best you can. Or better yet, get a partner who will sweep your back 3 times, and then you sweep theirs. This is your central meridian.

While you are sweeping the energy off of you, think of the negative energy that got attached to you by being with a toxic person while you do it. This is also helpful for general stress or other accumulated negative energy.

Another energy move is called the Triple Warmer Flush. The best way to describe it without a picture is to pretend you have long hair and you are putting your hair behind your ears. Starting around the temple area, or the bone on the side of your eye toward your ear, you swish your first finger around your entire ear. When you get to the bottom of your ear, go straight down the side of your neck and then down your shoulder and all the way down your arm and off your ring finger. Practice a few times until you learn it.

Flush the Triple Warmer meridian three times to flush out negative. Think of it as sweeping the floor, you want to clean away the dirt and have it clean. Think of it as a stream of water that you need to sweep down to help it run clear and stronger. That is how energy runs through meridian pathways. It needs to move to stay healthy.

If your are really stuck somewhere and can't do these energy moves, you can always put your hands in your lap and tap on your finger points. (Drumming your fingers on a table is close enough to activate those points.) Also see "Covert Tapping" in my new book coming out soon.


J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC
Mental Health Recovery Specialist
Energy Psychology Practitioner

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Recovery Tapping - Heal Your Past - Create Your Future!TAP OUT OF FEAR AND INTO CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC
Mental Health Recovery Specialist
Energy Psychology Practitioner