Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Book!!!

I just want to let my recovery friends and fellow tappers that I'm almost done with my book. It's taken me awhile to get it done. I should blog about it. Anyway, it's coming, I almost hate to promise (it's scary), but it should be out February 2010.

The title of my book is:

"Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery" - How to Use Meridian Energy Tapping for Abuse and Codependency.

You can find it at

The best blogs start at the end...I'll be posting more Recovery Tapping info soon and then more regularly again.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!


  1. The book is done - but just when I think it's ready to go online, up pops another issue to take care of! This online marketing thing is not easy! One day at a time. Good news, I now have an ISBN Number for my book and 10 great reviews. My assistant and I are working on the website as I write so please stay tuned!

  2. Book should be out by the end of July 2010!!!

  3. Ever wonder when the heck you're going to get something finally finished?!? It's so frustrating, yet exciting. It's my baby - my labor of love.
    The book is done, but I had to add a new section for people who didn't know EFT very well, and then I hit a snag with the website and had to wait 60 days to transfer it! (Be careful who you sign up with - it takes 60 days to transfer to another host!)
    Anway, got a great host, got a great book cover and website header, the page is about set up now - but the buttons don't work and I'm trying to learn WordPress so I can move my blog over there to my site.
    But soon, soon. I'd say next month, which is October 2010. I'll put announcements out and then you can tell all your friends! Thanks, wish me luck, You're going to LOVE this book/workbook, it's going to be used for many months to come as you Tap on all your Codie issues and get free of them. My before and after assessment will help you track your progress. I can't wait for you to see it! Stay Tuned.

  4. Finally my baby was born and its alive and well! My BOOK! and the website where it lives and is helping tons of people in recovery and or people with codependency issues or ACOA issues.
    Hundreds of statements, specially crafted for all the coda issues and all the recovery and empowering issues to replace them with.
    Check out my free report, articles and learn all about my book at:
    Thank you!
    Pass it on. (You can "Like" this on my Facebook icon over on the right.)

    PS(For those special folks like myself who love to read everything and find out more self-help stuff I would like to offer for 10 people only a proposition; if you can either pass my site and book info to 30 people in any way - facebook, twitter, email, etc. then you can have my book for FREE! That's right, free and no charge just for helping me put the word out. Just show me your facebook and or twitter account that shows 30 comments or enteries within a month of so period (you can't do it all in one day, that defeats the purpose,) but if you do it over time, or even once a day for 30 days, I will accept that.
    You can answer questions on yahoo answers, chat on forums, post comments on blogs, be creative - as long as you add my link, 30 times, I will give you the book no charge.
    Read my salespage at my site to get the whole story and the description of everything that is in the book so you know more about it and then go out and spread the word!)
    Thank you for your support - I want to reward it.
    JP Bailey, MA
    Emotional Freedom Coach!

  5. You can now buy my book at and read my article Detach from Difficult People: Detox from Toxic People using EFT, Tapping.

    This blog will stay awhile.

    My new one is up and running and growing and social media connected; lots of free stuff, questions answered.
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    Thanks for your support!