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Your Purpose - It's In Your Hands

Recovery Tapping - Heal Your Past - Create Your Future!

Your Purpose - Its In Your Hands

I've been watching web videos and listening to speakers and seeing books and coaches pop up all over these days with the word "Purpose" in them.

I wondered how many of us are living our recovery on purpose or what part of our purpose is in our recovery or even vice-versa.

Your Purpose - It's In The Palm Of Your Hand, I thought would be a good blog today.

Do you know your purpose?

Do you know how to find out what it is?

Do you think it's limited to one thing only or is it a series of things with a theme - or are there more than one theme even?

All this pressure to know what our purpose is so we can go out and live it. Can we live fully in today without knowing what the heck our purpose is?

In my later 40's I am finally feeling clear on my life mission and purpose - and it does jive with what I thought it was at 20 and it is still an evolving thing but it does seem to have a theme running through it.

I made up this line once: "My Purpose is to Help You With Yours" - isn't that a great line? But am I a "Purpose" coach? Do I want to be limited to helping people find their purpose - and then what?

No, someone else can use that line if they want to. My line for over 10 years now seems to still be "Heal Your Past - Create Your Future". And I think that is my purpose. As I heal my past, I become an expert at it and turn that around to give to you which in turn creates my future as becoming more and more of a Recovery Tapping Coach.

So let's get to it then. Let's Tap today on our Purpose.

Here are some Set-Up Statement Suggestions:

"Even though I don't know what my purpose is, I love and accept myself."

Ahh, that feels good just to relieve the pressure of that expectation to know what my purpose is so I can hurry up and catch up with what it's "suppose" to be.

"Even though I haven't always lived my purpose, I love and accept AND FORGIVE myself."

Ahhhhh, that really feels good to forgive myself for not always being in alignment with my "purpose" whatever that is.

"Even though my purpose is still unfolding, I love and accept myself."

"Even though my purpose keeps changing and evolving, I love and accept myself."

"Even though just thinking about my purpose causes me anxiety, and I thought my purpose was suppose to be fun and inspiring, I love and accept myself anyway."

"Even though I'm suppose to know what my purpose is

"Even though I'm suppose to be all excited and pumped up about my purpose

"Even though I feel like taking a vacation from my purpose

"Even though I don't seem to have a purpose

"Even though I don't want a purpose

"Even though I'm not sure what having a purpose really means

"Even though I feel pressure from the enlightened, heart and soul - driven recovery oriented secret loving new age positive thinking people say I MUST have,

"Even though I'm just little ol' me with no clue

"Even though I know my purpose but I'm running from it

"Even though I know my purpose and I don't always like it

"Even though I know my purpose and it's a burden

"Even though I know my purpose and it doesn't always work out

"Even though I wish I had another purpose

You get the picture,

Keep tapping as you list all the various mixed feelings that purpose and having a purpose stirs up for you and just clear all that stuff and get it out of your way.

When you are done with that you can, if you so choose, tap into some new choice statements such as:

"Even though I am clear/not clear on my purpose today, from now on I choose to follow my heart regardless

"Even though I have no purpose, today I choose to let that be ok

"Even though I have no purpose, from now on I will be open to finding out what it might be

"Even though I have no purpose, I now want to have one so I practice going within to seek it out or until it finds me

"Even though I don't know what my purpose is, I now choose to turn that over and ask my Higher Power to reveal to me - in a way that I can understand - what my purpose is

"Even though I didn't always follow my purpose, I now choose to follow it

"Even though I have no idea how to follow my purpose, I now choose to start pondering that and even guessing at what that might look like

So, go ahead and tap on what feels right for you or make up your own statements, preferences and choices and let that sink in.

Relax into the exhale and let go. Your body will automatically inhale so you don't need to worry about it. Feel your body as it inhales, get in touch with your body. When you exhale and relax, get in touch with your mind, let your mind send out a nice long exhale and let it go as far out as you want it to go. When your body inhales again feel yourself in your body, in your own skin, and center yourself, be ok with yourself. And out again, relax with the exhale and be ok with what is. Be ok with your imperfect body and mind.

I always Tap until I get that BIG urge to take a deep breath and a big sigh or yawn ans stretch it out. Get up and start moving and get your energy up for the day.

Whether you are living on purpose or by accident or by a calendar or on the fly, if you are living your purpose or not, if you know what it is or not, it's ALL ok.

You are ok.
You are enough.
Today it is good enough.
Your life is good enough for today.
Your life purpose is good enough for now whatever it is or is not.

Keep an open mind.
Be true to yourself.
Follow your heart.
Tell the truth as fast as your can.
Tap into whatever is good and true for you.

The bottom-line is, whatever today's "topic" is:


To Your Recovery, Keep Tapping

J.P.Bailey, MA,
Mental Health Recovery Specialist
Energy Psychology Practitioner

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