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Spiritual self evaluation

Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices

I like to take works that I see are really great for the mind to learn for recovery. And I have also my own ideas and reactions to them of how they could be more useful and how I can incorporate Tapping to help in the process.

If people have any problem at all with Spirituality, Higher Power, God, etc. Or, Tapping into your soul energy or Tapping into the energy of your meaning. Then you may want to take a self assessment like the one presented here to see how you would evaluate Your Spirituality by seeing if any of these fit you, opportunities for growth, help you examine evidence of spiritual dimensions in your life.

Spiritual Self Evaluation

1. LOVE a commitment to be present, to invest in another. To who have you committed your love to?

2. Belonging the choice to abandon isolation and independence with favor of hearfelt sharing, mutual support and interdependence. With whom do you have a warm friendship?

3. TRUST the willingness to be open and honest, not suspiciouis or cynical. In what ways do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? Whith whom?

4. MEANING a clear sense of direction, no longer drifting without purpose at the mercy of life's winds and waves. What gives you a sense of direction? Where are you headed?

5. HOPE the view of a desirable future, a present with promise eager to hannen with our help what is your vision of the futyure?

6. FAITH the step of faith, relinquishing fear and uncertainsty to affirm the not yet proves. What are your convictions?

7. COMMITMEBNT: the decision to invest rather than straddle the fence, to move toward a goalwith energy and endurance. Where have you invested yourself with strength and perserverance?

8. PAITENCE the willingness to wait, allowing the future its chance to emerge, no longer pushing the river to make life happen. How and when do you wait expectantly and patiently?

9. JOY the rush of delight that you let happen. When do you let yourself bubble with job?

10. IMAGINATION the new view, the creative spark that challenges habit and boredom. What would be some nbew options for you?

11. COURAGE the willingness to face limitations and still risk rather than playing it safe or being defensive. When have you ventured in spite of your limits?

12. Gratitude the thankful appreciation that counteracts the myth of self sufficiency. For what are you truly thankful?

WOW, what an evaluation. So spirituality seems to be about living your life and what principles or values that you live by or are inspired by or believee in do you follow in your every day life. Are you grateful everyday? So you believe in love? And standing with someone for life? Humbleness to admit hardships in the world are not ones any of us can do alone. We can be alone, at times, but the interaction of survival and intentional gravitating toward your group or type. Or interst.
What pushes you, interests you, pulls you along?

I wich I could give the appropriate citing for the Spiritual Self Evaluation, if anyone regonizes it please let me know. I think it came out of a treatment program in the midwest in the 80's.

Another one I found is:


That one sure is an eye-opener. So that will be my next post, unless something else comes up.

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Emotional Freedom Coach

Thank you for listening.

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