Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EFT For Codependency | Codependency Cure | Tapping on Codependent Symptoms

My NEW Book:  "E.F.T. For Codependent Recovery" is available now on Kindle!
This book includes a workbook with over 500 statements to "Tap" on.
All the work and research has been done for you, Just pick the statement that you can relate to, record your SUDs score and start tapping.
Also Includes:
Codependency Self-Assessment
Clean Up The Laundry List Worksheets
Codpendent Statements to Tap on
Empowering Recovery Statements to Tap on
How to go "No Contact" with an abusive person
What is the Recovery Model
Tapping Diagrams and Instuctions in detail
And much, much more.
Check it out Here!

Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices - J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC Emotional Freedom Coach

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