Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices

Hey, What's Up Indy Emo Baby Boomer to Millennial Codependent Survivors out there?

How are you doing?

Have you heard about the new Tapping thing that heals emotions?

Interested in how it can help heal Codependency?

Well, that's why I created this blog.

I was looking for a book on EFT for Codependency issues, and couldn't find one.
So, I wrote it.

That was several years ago.  I've done a lot of coaching and counseling since then, and have learned some other non-tapping healing techniques that I've been focused on teaching others for the last two years.

I also work as a Mental Health counselor at a community medical clinic.

It's a full-time job and then some.

It's helping me practice all my skills on a daily basis, and its only made me a better counselor, and a better healer.  The two are alike but different in some very important areas, mostly that has to do with insurance and coding. But some differences are within the scope of practice.

Therefore to overcome that problem, my stance is that I am a teacher of techniques.

I don't heal you.

I don't do therapy.

I do coach and mentor, but its you who has to create your recovery routines. I don't force you against your will to get better by taking more positive actions toward getting better.

I teach you techniques.

Because, you can't just take a magic pill.

You have to take action.

The cool thing about TECHNIQUES that work to heal and transform is, you can use the technique on the very feeling of RESISTANCE that you feel any time someone suggests you take some action that you don't "feel like" doing.

You don't "Tap" or use a healing technique on the doing the action..., you Tap or use the technique on the issue of resisting the action.

That makes it so much easier.

Because then you tap into your own desire to do something you want to do and not have to deal with the blocks in your way so much. 

But with counseling and doing rehab type recovery and brief therapy, its all about validating and non-judgeing and being interetssed in the person and then educating them on their issue and how to manage their symptoms and wellness and move into the self help recovery model. 

Some of them I have been able to take that extra step and teach them a cool technique or two they can use as a coping tool or for emotional regulation (decrease intensity of upsets) as well as, using things like Tapping to help with social anxiety and fears.  Any emotional upset with a charge that feels upset or intense can be treated/healed/Tapped on and feel a noticeable relief on in a few minutes. Some people will use it, some won't. 

In general you can just suggest people Tap on all 14 acupoints just as a daily routine for stress relief and leave it at that.

Just being present with people and their problems and helping them tell their story and reminding them that the hero of the story does over come and go on. Even when all was lost.

Today a lady left a hospital and showed up on our doorstep very upset mainly because she was being treated poorly and that no one cared, and all it took was for us to love on her and care about her to talk her into going back to the hospital.  She was ready to sleep in her car she was so upset.  So even in physical need, we are human beings, who need people to care about us, ir we don't even care about our own life or death or health. That says something very important I think about life.

Just care.

People are suffering.

So many people are alone and have no one that really cares about them.  
Maybe you'd be surprised. Maybe you can relate.

Just give someone a soft look and a little smile that says, "hey, I see you human, I see you. I know its tough, but hang in there. Take care now, bye."

Say hi to all the people you pass by.  Or smile. Or make eye contact with a smile for a second.

It's good for you. It's good for them.

You may be the only caring face they've seen in awhile and can make all the difference in the world.

Just care.

And if you are feeling alone and there is no one you can turn to, or no one who cares about you, then its even more important for you to smile and say hi and care for others. Don't wallow or fester in the emotions of not having someone, but open the door for someone else to come walking in.  There are tons of us everywhere who would like some company too.

We're made to mingle and we crave community and we got to get out of this cult of the family dream that many of us do not have and open ourselves up to other people.  No, not just anyone, not the mean people, not the abusers.  But the rest of the world of good people out there who are needing some connection too.

Healing comes in the act of engagement with another caring person.

Healing comes in a rush of well being emotion after being around some really good people.

Healing comes when you care.

I used to think it took a special person, or a trained person or experienced person.  Na, just takes a caring person to make a positive impact on someone - could even save someone's life.

I'm really proud of myself for being able to help others. But what they don't know is that they are saving me too. They let me help them, which in turns gives me a lot of meaning for my own life experience. It validates that all that I went through really did have a purpose.

Take care good people.

J.P. Bailey, MA
EFT-CC Emotional Freedom Coach
And Now, Brand New!

Please come and visit!

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