Monday, November 21, 2016

Feel Resource States |Recovery Tapping|JP Bailey| NLP

After healing a negative state, invoke a positive state. I made this video to help you do that. After awhile you'll memorize the 9 resource states and be able to state them, pause, feel them and drop into them easier and easier each time.

From this state is where you want to plan your next action steps toward your goals, or from here is where you want to create your new goals and make sure you create at least the first two action steps you can easily take the week, or in the near future. Always future-pace your actions toward your goals. It's amazing how far you can get doing one action at a time.

When in a resource state, you are in your natural, creative, strong state where you are clear without anything holding you back.

So heal first, feel resource state second futurize goal steps last. Make this a part of your daily healing, recovery and wellness routine for best results do it every day for 90 days and keep going after that as needed.

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