Tuesday, December 20, 2016

If It Doesn't Put Light In Your Eyes...

If it doesn't put light in your eyes
An Inner Smile at least somewhere
A fire in your loins..
If it doesn't make you dare to 
Surf the stillness, wild-dance
Roll languidly in a meadow
........Don't do the practice!
If it doesn't pry open your vault
Unearth your weapons of self-destruction
Route-march you through your dark night
If it doesn't furrow your brow
Make you weep with compassion
Compel your hand to reach out 
........Don't re-iterate the dogma!
If it no longer nurtures your soul
Cradles your tender heart
Caresses your being and body
If it isn't whispering your soul's calling
Thundering your engines
Exploding your vision and action
.........Do something else!
If it's only a cobweb thread that you
Tentatively tease out, or 
Curious - trust and follow
If you're thrashing around in the swamp
Lost blindly in the fog with only the
Faintest blast from your soul's purpose
............Keep Going!
If you can continue no longer
Give up, but hang on in
Let go, allow, trust, Intend Difference
All these are the keys to the kingdom..
And if no fanfare, or peal of bells
Greets you - no crown or cloak 
Adorns you- nonetheless- Welcome!
We are the Citizens of the 
New Heaven and Earth!!

Copied with permission from:
Copyright: Madeleine Land December 2016

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