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"To the Left, To the Left..." NLP Ninja Technique to Move Memories to the Past by Moving Your Eyes to The Left

I want you to listen to the beginning of this song...

...Or the whole thing, ...(It's a great anchor.)

Then I'll teach you my version of an old NLP Technique that I call "To the Left, To the Left" technique. Just think of Beyonce's song, so it's easy to remember.

Ok, so how does this relate to NLP?  Moving memories to the Left gets them out of your way!

How does this work?  Well, we know the eyes are connected to memories, (think eye-movement therapies, rem sleep, etc.) Actually the eyes are connected to how we store and retrieve memories.

Here's a demonstration: Think about your first day of school. Or the color of your first car. Or what your bathroom looks like and notice if your eyes move when accessing memories!

Looking to the Left is actually accessing the Right brain. That's where memories are stored, where facts are stored.

Looking to the Right is actually accessing the Left brain.  That's where we look when we think about the future. The Left brain is where we create visions and use our imagination, intuition and creativity.

In classic NLP training they go even deeper than that into eye positions. They call is the VAK (visual/auditory/kinesthetic), system, which is all about where the eyes move when we're accessing memories, or beliefs.

They figured out that for V visual memories, when accessing images and pictures and movies, that we tend to look Up and to the Left.  For A auditory, when accessing sounds, voices, things people said, things you say or hear to yourself, are Side and Left, think of your ear, for sound.  For K kinesthetic, accessing gut feelings, where we feel things within, are Down and to the Left.

When we're stuck in a bad memory or old pattern, or limiting belief we created a long time ago, the VAK or the image, sound and feel of it is usually right in front of us all jumbled up.

Right in front of us is the present; what we're focused on now. So we definitely want to put this old belief that's keeping us stuck in its right place.

We do that by moving it to the Left.

We tune into the image of the memory or belief, seeing it with our mind's eye and we move it with our eyes. Like a tractor beam, we grab hold of that image with our eyes, and drag it over to the Left and Up with our physical eyes moving Left and Up, and we "put" it there.

Then we go back for the sounds and we grab them and move them to the Side to the Left with our eyes.

Same for gut feelings, literally tune into it, grab it, attack a tracker beam to it with your mind's eye and drag it down to the left and put it there.

Bring your eyes back center. Take a deep breath. Ahhh, that feels better, a little more clear-headed now.

Just that right there is an awesome power tool for what to do with various inner critic voices that come up during the day. It happens all the time. Now we know what to DO with them.  If we keep moving them "to the left, to the left", on a regular, then you get clearer and clearer about your present.

You can focus on your present moment more without being dragged down by the past holding you back by crowding your present, right-in-front-of-you space. That space needs to be clear so you can focus on what you're working on in the here and now.

Moving old beliefs and memories to the Left, makes it easier for you to do what you really want to do in the present, and enjoy it more too. You get much more out of it personally and you'll be able to contribute more to your work and the people you serve when you feel more in tune with your present here and now.

It's a cool kind of "high" in itself when you can engage and zen-out in the present moment, mindfully doing things that are authentic for you.

But wait... there's more.

What about the Right side..... what are we to put there?

Visions of your goals, right?  Wrong. Well, first we need to prime the future with your inner resources, then you can put our goals and visions to the Right.

First we need to get the soil ready for planting, so to speak, if we really want to do this right and grow our organic self.

Step 1:  Write a list of your most favorite awesome memories and moments when you were so happy, ecstatic or full of joy or full of love or felt profound compassion or a moment of knowing and wisdom or a huge accomplishment. Get a good ten or more written down.  I mean, good ones. I want you to read the sentence and not be able to stop smiling when you recall those wonderful moments when all was right with the world and all the stars lined up and it was like a gift and you thoroughly enjoyed it and felt empowered or pure joy or connected or just plain happy.

Step 2:  Now that you got the "To the Left" technique, you start practicing moving things to the left. And then after that, bring your eyes back to center and read off one of your good memories. Picture it, feel it, smile reminiscing over it, and move that to the RIGHT.

Repeat over and over. You pull up these awesome memories and move them into your Future by moving them with your eyes To the Right.

You're taking memories (usually stored to the Left), and putting them - along with the STATE of mind you were in at the time, and the good FEELINGS you had at the time. Notice any self-esteem or confidence that goes with it, and move it all into your creative Right, future zone.

You take the V visual image of the good memory and grab hold of it with your eyes, and move it to the Right and Up.

You take the A audio of the good memory, grab it and move it with your physical eyes to the Right and to the Side.

You take the good feeling in your body from that moment and move it to the Right and Down.

Now you are clearing away old stuff in front of you and moving it back to your past (Left), storing it in it's rightful place in your memories. And, you are creating the vision-feeling-state to the Right, where your future goals are.

You are priming your future timeline with the best feeling-states so that the specific goals you want to create there, will have fertilized soil for it to take root and be welcomed. If you don't put your good memories to the Right your goals may be rejected from self-doubt and inner critic thoughts/feelings.

Take that self-doubt and move it to the Left, take a good memory and move it to the Right.

Got it?

So, you're homework assignment is to try it for yourself.

For the next week, every time old stuff comes up, move it "TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT". And, when that's done, read your good memories one by one and move them to the Right, one by one. Do this daily and you've now got 7x the power of your good memories in your creative-vision-future.

I can put a genuine happy moment to my Right and then also see something I want in my future to the Right along with it.

Here's how it works for me:

I get a thought in my head, "It's going to take forever to get my hours and become a therapist and no one's there to help me or egg me on".  I feel sad and alone and overwhelmed.

I take the image of my aunt in my head saying, "you'll never make it" and I move it to the Left and Up.  I take the sound of my head going "It's going to take forever..." and move it to the Side to the Left.  I take the alone sad feeling I feel within and move it Down and to the Left.

The I look straight ahead and I tune into the Here and Now. Wherever I'm at at the time, I acknowledge where I'm at, feel my butt in the chair, look around the room and tune into present time.

THEN......and here's the good part, here's the part that actually makes me look forward to a bad memories/feelings/beliefs hitting me so I can do this technique....  I grab my 4 x 6 index card of my list of good memories, I read the first one, I bust out into a wide smile and I feel happy remembering that happy memory and how it lightened me up and how much fun I had that day, and I deliberately move that image to the Right and Up.

I listen for the sounds around me that day and hear my own laughter, and I move that to the Side to the Right.  I tune into my body and feel that happy memory and I move that with my mind's eye, like a tracker beam, to the Right and Down.

I come back center and feel empowered and happy as I take a deep breath and focus on the here and now and what I'm working on. I let the 'future' go. I don't get into daydreaming all the details and the figuring out how to make my dreams come true.  I just let it go, and I stay in the present with a secure feeling that the future will unfold as it should, knowing its got joy and happiness there programmed in waiting for me and that will help me with my goals when it's time to focus on them.

So that is the "To the Left, To the Left" (thank you Beyonce!), NLP technique for how to move limiting beliefs and stuck memories that are holding you back out of your way in the here and now. It also leads right into how to prime your near-future with good states and feelings by moving good memories and the feelings they contain To the Right.

I find the more present I am, the more my future goals become clear and when I see them, I also move them to the Right.

Try the "To the Left, To the Left" technique once a day for 7 days and let me know what you think.

You can find me here or on my other channels below.  Feel free to share.  Millions are suffering in silence, stuck, not knowing they can change and how to actually do it.

In a week from now I want you to look back and see how your week has been.  Any better? Was this technique useful? Did it help you? Then go ahead and do it again but this time for 30 days!

Enjoy and share it forward.


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JP Bailey, M.A.

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