Sunday, June 21, 2009

12 SIGNS Of CoDependency RECOVERY

12 SIGNS OF RECOVERY from CODEPENDENCY (Karate Chop-Small Intestine-joy,sorrow)*

1. We seek to develop a daily relationship with a Higher Power, knowing that we are not alone in our efforts to heal ourselves from our addiction. (Eyebrow-Bladder Meridian-harmony, frustration)

2. We are willing to be vulnerable because the capacity to trust has been restored to us by our faith in a Higher Power. (Side of Eye-Gall Bladder-love,forgiveness,rage,hurt)

3. We surrender, one day at a time, our whole life strategy of, and our obsession with, the pursuit of romantic and emotional dependency. (Under Eye-Stomach-tranquility,content,disappointment,disgust,greed)

4. We learn to avoid situations that may put us at risk physically, morally, psychologically or spiritually. (Under Nose-Governing Vessel-healthy pride,embarrassment, grief)

5. We learn to accept and love ourselves, to take responsibility for our own lives, happiness and to take care of our own needs before involving ourselves with others. (Chin-Central Vessel-healthy pride,shame,unworthiness)

6. We become willing to ask for help, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and learning to trust and accept others. (Collarbone-Kidney-security,assuredness,indecision,anxiety)

7. We allow ourselves to work through the pain of our low self-esteem and our fears of abandonment and responsibility. We learn to feel comfortable in solitude and in society. (Under Breat-Liver-happiness,unhappiness)

8. We begin to accept our imperfections and mistakes as part of being human, healing our shame and perfectionism while working on our character defects. (Under Arm-Spleen-faith in future,anxiety about future)

9. We begin to substitute honesty for self-destructive ways of expressing emotions and feelings. (Thumb-Lung-tolerance,humility,intolerance,contempt)

10. We become honest in expressing who we are, developing true intimacy in our relationships with ourselves and others. (First Finger-Large Intestine-self-worth,guilt)

11. We learn to value sex as a by-product of sharing, commitment, trust and cooperation in a partnership. (Middle Finger-Reproductive-relaxation,generosity,flexibility,jealousy,tension,regret,remorse)

12. We are restored to sanity, on a daily basis, by participating in the process of recovery. (Little Finger-Heart-love,forgiveness,anger)

(author unknown.)

Question: How do I use the above with Tapping?

Amswer: Tap on each Point referenced above while saying aloud each sentence, one at a time.

To Your Recovery!

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Father's Day 2009.
To my dad who taught me how to be independent.

*(Organ meridians with emotional balancing components adapted from "Selected Chinese Meridian Acupoints and Associated Emotions: Gary Peterson, MD, 2004. )

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