Monday, August 23, 2010

Creative, Clever, Caring Types Get Down

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Creative? Clever? Caring? Wise beyond your years? Feel like an old soul? Do you sometimes find yourself down and out, tired, sad and blue, mentally ruminating, remembering times past, have "writer's " block - or atist block or creative block or happiness block.

Feeling Blaaa?

What's going on? We're usually so positive, so helpful, so creative and expressive. We usually can take a bad experience, process it through our system and pop out an encouraging, funny story that helps our friends when they are discouraged.

If depression is a result of not living our dreams and passions, then one must ask herself, "What is holding me back from really living it big?"

Self-doubt is a beach. You don't need to go there. You don't need to go there alone. throw yourself a life line and create your own personalized self-care plan for creative types. I have and it really works wonders. I created a mini-booklet that you download, print out, cut in half, fold and staple and it fits right in your pcoket. It's called "Wellness Management in Your Pocket" a guide to help manage those relapses of depression and other mental crazies. I give it away for free - now I have to figure out how to post a pdf on my blog so you can have it (sorry).

Feel free to email me and I can send it to you though, for now I'm at:

Ya, I know, a 'freebie' email, whoo hoo, oh well, I had to start somewhere. My new website is under construction as we speak. I'm just waiting and creating. It should be up Sept 1 and then I'll transfer my blog over there too.

Back to Creative-Depressed Artists. Check out Type 4 of the Enneagram and see if that doesn't fit you. Google it and you'll find some great (f.r.eee) stuff to read to help you leverage your strengths and switch it back around. One of the good ones is Read up on Type 4 if your a creative type who gets depressed or Type 2 if you're a helper type and like to help people.

Another reason to really understand yourself is to figure out what your natural state is. What's your true nature? It's the natural state you return back to after your other states of mind run it's course or when you're done working and you can finally relax and be yourself. It's the natural state you found yourself in at age 5 when you were playing - what were you playing with, how were you feeling to be so content and happy?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introverts need time alone to reenergize themselves and feel stressed if around people too much,
Extroverts need social time to reenergize themselves and feel stressed when alone too much.

So figure out your nature, figure out your social type and figure out your Enneagram Type.

Then follow my Wellness Management questions:

1. What are you like when you are your very best self?
2. What types of self-care activities do you need regularly to be your very best self?
3. What do you need to do today (and every day) to take care of yourself?
4. What inspires you and gives you the natural 'Smile of Bliss'? When was the last time you enjoyed doing that thing?
5. Care out time in your planner or calendar to give yourself some TLC.
6. Remember a goal is what you want - your action that you put into your calander and do is how you get there. If you don't do it, fine, forgive youself and move it up just like you would a dental appointment that you had to miss.
7. Stop beating yourself up. You're ok. You're enough. You're here for a reason, we need you, you were especailly invited!
8. Treat yourself with support and encouragement, love and praise. Hallalula!
9. Make a List of your Accomplishments.
10. List all the ways you are a good person and read them frequently until you just know it to your core that you are good no matter what.

What beliefs do you have that will support that action in your planner/calendar?

If I put "work out" on Friday, the belief that helps me to follow through with that activity and show up and do it, is the belief I have or the feeling I get inside about being proud to be strong. When I'm fit, and sore even, and walk tall with a strong core and good posture, I just feel proud of myself that I'm so strong, that I can do it!

What gives you that "can do" attitude? What energizes you? What can you express today that will make this world, or your tiny corner of it, a better place?

Find out what is holding you back, list all of your negative thoughts about yourself and beliefs that hold you back from living your passions and TAP OUTTA IT!!!

Happy Tapping!
To Your Recovery,
J.P.Bailey, MA
Mental Health Recovery Specialist
Energy Psychology Practitioner
Recovery Tapping Coach ------->>> Coming soon! With F&r*e%e$ Tapping Charts and pocket workbooks!!

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