Saturday, August 21, 2010

Embrace Your Confusion - It Precedes Understanding

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Today I wanted to talk about Embracing Your Confusion because it always comes before Understanding.

The computer and or the internet are great examples. Have you ever attempted to learn something new and got lost and couldn't figure it out and had no idea what to do next or even where to find a file? And you got so frustrated with it (really with yourself for not knowing how) that you felt like throwing your computer out the window??

Me too! Or how about getting so frustrated with not knowing that you just want to say (place cuss word here)! And just give up??

Me too!

I saw on TV a famous red-haired chef who is a really happy, friendly guy who is patient with his staff. He was asked by an interviewer something like, "Why don't you scream and yell and cuss your staff out when they're not getting it right or are behind schedule?" And he replied, "Yelling at my staff (abusing them) would be a reflection of my own self-hatred for not training them right in the first place."

Wow, what a philosophy. So when we are yelling and abusing ourselves for not getting it right, it's not that we're wrong, it's just that we haven't been trained properly yet. And "YET" means - You're Eligible To... so yet, means we are still able to have it.

When you say, "I haven't learned a thing about this stupid computer!"

Just add the word "yet" at the end and see how that feels,

"I haven't learned a thing about computers, yet."

This means you are open and KNOWING that you will learn in the (near) future as you see that it is possible for you. This is much better than hurting (abusing) your possessions, or yourself, and much better than giving up before the "Ah-Ha!" miracle happens.

They say the world began in chaos. There is even a "Chaos Theory" in quantum physics, and the theory says that if you track chaos long enough you can see patterns. Wow. Patterns in chaos. Now what does that remind me of? Hmmmmm....


The world, (we're going with the big bang idea here - if you believe in God then we're going with when God created the multi-verse with a big bang) the world began in chaos. Out of that chaos patterns began to emerge. Laws and order were established. There are the laws of nature that scientists observe everyday as to how plants grow, how weather is formed, how the earth shifts, etc. and how it is always moving, growing, changing, evolving. Never-ending change.

Sounds chaotic to me. Chaotic is just another word for unpredictable. When we don't know what's going to happen, it scares us a little bit. But when you take a moment to step back for a second, look at the big picture and you do begin to see patterns, and a sense of order and that brings a sense of calm to replace the chaos panic.

First Chaos. Then Patterns. Then Expression. Then Expanding. Whether it’s a baby being born or a new star in the sky at first it looks like chaos, and then a pattern emerges and then that pattern gives itself as expression and then that expression expands.

They say the Universe is always expanding. If it started out as tiny as an atom and grew to the size it is now, it makes sense that it is still growing. It may grow forever for all we know. The earth still grows. Volcanos erupt and land is created, the plates shift and land sorts itself out, the dirt cracks open as a tiny seed begins to bud into a little plant. It has to crack open it's shell so it can come out and live, express, grow and expand.

When your heart breaks, it mends and as it mends, it expands. So grow with it. Embrace your growing pains.

When you’re in confusion and chaos and life is a mess, relax for a minute, notice the chaos, embrace it, love it, thank it, for you know that patterns will emerge and understanding will dawn on you in the right time or all at once but it will come. It will come easier and faster if you get a little training from someone who's been through the chaos and got to the other side. But it will come none the less because you can't help but grow.

Be ok with not knowing. Know that the knowing will come.

Embrace and be gentle with yourself in the meantime.

To Your Recovery!
J.P.Bailey, MA
Mental Health Recovery Specialist (MHRS)
Energy Psychology Practitioner

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Hold on and don't give up before YOUR miracle. It's coming!

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