Saturday, January 29, 2011

EFT for Codependency - Tapping On Shame

Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices -

Recovery Tapping for SHAME

"Even Though ____________ , I'll always love and accept myself." Repeat for each statement that resonates with you below if shame or guilt comes up in your recovery or your relationships or family. Remember to check off which ones apply and GIVE EACH ONE A SUDs Number of 1 - 10 of how bad the feeling is. Then Tap, Tap, Tap.

Even Though...
I'm always feeling guilty and afraid of what might happen, I'll always love and accept myself.
I'm always feeling approval and afraid of what might happen with it,
I'm always feeling shame and I'm afraid of what might happen,
I'm always feeling pain, hurt loss,
I'm always feeling rejected, abandoned, guilty of something wrong,
what if something bad happens or I mess up,
I feel the shame in my vibrations, in my body as a sensation,
I can feel the guilt (for no reason) no matter what I do but I have to keep going,
I'm afraid to let go of my shame, terrified even,
I don't know how to feel any other way,
I can't let go or turn it over or trust,
Mean people make me feel worthless,
Arrogant people make me feel worthless

Now, after a FULL ROUND of clearing one of the above, now Tap into one below that you feel in your gut or say them all while tapping on all the points.

I can let go and turn it over and trust.
I love feeling innocent.
i love feeling humble, strong, and smart.
I choose to wipe my slate clean, no matter what.
i feel appreciation for being alive.
I have unusually strong traits and abilities that have come from unusual times,
I feel grateful for my uniqueness and just the way only I can do a certain thing a certain way,
I love who I am and how I feel,
I'm grateful for my life,

Take a deep Breath.
Rest, drink water, breathe, stretch.
(smiling yet?)
feeling energized, or feel like relaxing?)

I love feeling centered and grounded in me,
in my true nature,
in my naturally resourceful and alert state,
I love my ability to think and choose for myself
I'm not here for your approval

Here are other ideas to tap on:
Don't forget punishment.

Even though,
even though I feel worthless,
even though I feel I don't deserve that or anything
I can't get that
I can't take it or accept it
I'm a fake and not suppose to get that
I've done wrong
Something bad will happen if I get that when I'm not suppose to

When feelings or other aspects come up, tap on those too:
Tap out:
what ifs

Tap in:
calm and happy

When feeling any kind of fear, always spell it out and tap on it, all the points if possible.

Then do a full tapping round on feeling grateful for all that you have and all that you are.

If you need to tap on feeling: depressed
After you clear depressed tap in: energized

If you need to tap on feeling: resentful
After clearing that you tap into feeling free and forgiving, because its all behind you now, and you are moving forward.

So that is Recovery Tapping in a nut shell tapping when shame, guilt, worth, judgement, disapproval, or whatever your intuition tells you is coming up.

You acknowledge it and Identify it,

that is the main thing, ID it and then give it a number. 1 - 10.
(We'll do this in the chat room together).

And then you start tapping on it and let whatever comes to mind come up, keep tapping, remember to tap in some good, new choices too and remember what you learned and how you see it now and give it a number now of 1-10.

And give your positive tapping a 1-10 also, see if you can make it bigger or double it with 10 being the very best, wonderful feeling of all, that it's good, it's true and it's for you.

Please visit me here ( at this blog to make a direct comment about this post. I want to hear from you. Tell me how it works and if you have a particular thing you want to do Recovery Tapping on.

Thank you!
J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC
Emotional Freedom Coach

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Happy Tapping


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