Sunday, December 1, 2013

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery | Kindle

ANNOUNCING: New Book On Kindle!

 "E.F.T. for Codependency Recovery" is now available on KindleClick Here: 

 I'm very excited to finally have it for sale on Kindle for only $9.99 Special Introductory Rate

 The book is all about EFT/Tapping for Codependency & Recovery and has some special notes for people who are having problems with people who have personality disorders, so don't assume codependency means you have to have an addict/alcoholic for it to be a problem.

 The Recovery method I follow is called the "Recovery Model" I don't subscribe to any one method, program, step or technique. The Recovery Model is about healthy balance and self-care.

 Tapping or EFT is a Meridian Energy Technique that relieves stress in minutes by finger tapping on one's acupuncture points on the face, torso and fingers.

 My book includes Tapping Diagrams.

 It also includes a "Before" and "After" Codependency Assessment Worksheets for the "Codependency Laundry List" Worksheets for 500+ Codependency Tapping Statements and 500+ Empowering Recovery Tapping Statements - with score sheet.

 It's really a book and a workbook all in one!

 I hope you like it and find it helpful. I'd be thrilled if you could write a book review on Kindle. 

Thank you so much for reading!


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