Friday, May 6, 2016

Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices -

 Ok, I think I've got it!

This week's Depression Wellness class was GREAT!!

I'm so psyched to have such an AWESOME assistant who is helping me put my booklet together, with cool, interactive hand outs.

And Adult Doodle boarders and pages inbetween... to let it sink in... as they learn a new way of looking at depression recovery.

What we accomplished this week was we put together the 1st Draft of the Depression Wellness Protocol.

We took the pile of "all the ideas and materials I could find" and took out all the pages that were not directly on topic. So we weeded it down to the best stuff and took the other fluff out.

I'm basing the booklet on several sources:
 - the Wellness model in recovery (self-help recovery)
- the book "The Upward Spiral" - using neuro-science to light up the brain, one pleasurable activity at a time.
- EFT/Tapping for stress managment and transforming negative thinking into more empowering choices
- Energy Moves by Donna Eden and Qi Gong - AKA 'The Lazy Man's Way To Exercise" or "How to get your Energy up with a few easy moves"

- And basic rehab behavior activation from the old days of behavioral psychology
- Theory from 'Positive Psychology"
- And much, much more

Throw in some interactive hand outs so the learning sinks in and becomes personanlized
and toss in some cool adult coloring book themes like paths and journey's and growth
add in some doodles to color so the brain can get lost in the coloring and mull over the content

And 'Wha-La" we got our first draft for the wellness booklet for our class.

It's not easy to put together something that's going to motivate people to do soemthing their depression is dead set against.

Most depressed clients are resistant at best.

It's got to capture their interest... its got to call to their creative, interested spirit that may have been long forgotten and in a corner of their mind somewhere collecting dust.

And I think we nailed the concept down pretty good. 

Because it's interesting, its new and its all about them in a hopeful, empoweing, non judgemental way.

We're seeing results already.

MIA clients are starting to pop in and inquire more and 'wake up' from their walking dead state.

This thrills me to no end.

It's my mission in life; my calling. To finally put together all of the BEST stuff that has been helping heal and transform depression into a wellness journey that is fruitful and different and "just might work" because its something they've never tried before.

No one talks to them about their depression like that.

We embrace it.

We work with it. Not against it.

We focus on increasing positive activities, not just focus on trying to 'fix the problem'.

We focus on strengthening strengths and empowering resources and stimulating interest in things they lost interest in and thought were over, dead and gone.

They realize, its not gone, its just a new chapter and a new path just opened up to access them again.

We give them science and proof of how these things heal and wake up the brain which in turn produces more feel-good neurotransmitters and neural connections.

We give them alternative healing tools that actually work to help them change their negative self-talk.

Everything has to be fun, interesting and easy.

So for EFT Tapping, I came up with "Learn EFT in 5 Easy Steps" and so forth.

We take dense, convoluted reading material and distill it down to the bare basics, and try to find doodle scenes to help them visualize it. Like the 9 Human Needs, we have a funny cartoon to represent the essence of each one from an article we found online.

It's an exciting feeling to have your 1st Draft. You just know its "done" in spirit, it just takes some work to fix it up one page at a time until its complete. The editing process is a labor of love, its so hard and yet so satisfying to see it come together and say "Yeah, that's it" when you look through it.

That's where we're at. I'm very pleased with the progress and just wanted to report on it.

I can't wait until we can start scanning in the pages and posting them here for you to join us.

To Your Recovery - Happy Mother-Yourself Day

 J.P.Bailey, MA, MHRS
Author of "EFT for Codependency"

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