Monday, August 22, 2016

NLP Ninja Parts Integration | Emotional Healing Story| Anxiety Cure

A middle-aged divorced mechanic walked into my office the other day full of anxiety and panic.

He had so much panic it was hard for him to do every day things. He tried to hide it but it was becoming unbearable.  His social anxiety was so bad, every time he even thought of going outside he would vomit and he was getting tired of it, and worried about what that was doing to his esophagus.

He wanted to try one of my Healing Techniques.  (I display several books on my bookshelf to get client interested in trying them).

I usually start off with one of the basic two that I tend to use; either EFT/Tapping or NLP 'Parts Integration'.  

He wanted to try the latter, and funny, but my intuition was telling me the same thing.... so we did.

 I do my own form of NLP Parts Integration that is a lot like Somatic Experiencing.  I use NLP questions to help him go within and feel the somatic sensation in his body of anxiety.  Then we go on to communicating with his Inner Parts - the Part generating the anxiety and his Resource Part that we elicit later on. And finally help the Parts integrate, resolving the issue.

 At first it was very hard for me to keep him on track..... his mental chatter kept wanting to explain and comment..... I told him to just keep feeling the body sensation of anxiety and tell me what it looked/sounded/felt like - with his inner mind, or his mind's eye - and not his conscious thinking-mind. I told him not to analyze the content, just go inside and tell me what he saw/hear/felt.

He did and we moved on and covered the rest of the steps in about 12 minutes.

Sitting in my office....

...I saw a miracle happen right before my eyes...

Even though I've seen it happen dozens of times before... it still excited me when I see the techniques WORK!!!

After a few minutes of practicing the technique, we checked back in to his anxiety. I asked him to think about going outside where there were a lot of people..

A strange look on his face appeared as he paused for several long, silent seconds (for a minute I thought it didn't take and there was something wrong), but then he looked at me and said,

"I feel balanced. It's the only word I can think of to explain this strange feeling.... this unusual ABSENCE of anxiety.  Thank you so much JP."

Whoo Hoo hallelujah.  I love doing this stuff.  I can't tell you the excitement I feel inside when someone "gets" it and feels 100% better leaving my office then when they came in less than 30 minutes earlier.

 I gave him a homework assignment to practice the technique 5-10 minutes each day until our next meeting and call with any questions. I gave him a cheat sheet to use. (see below).

I don't believe in a "one time fix all" technique, even though I've seen it happen, I really believe in teaching people how to PRACTICE the techniques on themselves regularly.

THAT is the important thing.  I've noticed that when they do their homework the affects of the healing are stronger, more long-lasting, and accumulative. They are less reactive, less stressed and depressed and their issues are more easily transformed.

They don't fear any emotion anymore because they KNOW HOW to fix it and WHAT TO DO about it.  And beside, even if this problem resolves, other problems in life show up. That's just life. It's a never-ending series of experiences and things come up as opportunities for more healing.

That's the part that used to really frustrate me for years. I didn't know HOW to really change a deep problem and I didn't know what to DO about it.  No one seemed to know either. The best I could get was managing it, learning to live with it, doing the "one day at a time" recovery thing.

BUT, the problem(s) would still be there. Haunting me. Susceptible to being triggered at any time into acting up and throwing me into a tailspin of emotional flashback and pattern acting-out without feeling like I had any control over it.

 Until I learned EFT/Tapping and that changed everything and some years later I started experimenting with techniques like the Peace Process, Somatic Experiencing, Chi Energy Healing and my old NLP training.

It's not easy teaching someone from a blog post, but I will upload my cheat sheet that I gave him so you can practice with it too.

Click Here ==> NLP "Ninja" Parts Integration Process PDF

Happy Healing,


Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices - J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC Emotional Freedom Coach

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