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Healing Anxiety In A Depressed Person With Somatic Mindfulness |NLP Ninja

 We're always hearing about the "latest and greatest" method for healing.

These days we're hearing about mindfulness.  It used to be meditation or hypnosis but those were hard to do, needed lengthy instruction and practice, ...and the results were vague or absent.

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Mindfulness is also a bit vague at times. Sometimes it's specific, like be mindful as you wash the dishes or be mindful as you practice your yoga, or just paying more attention to what you're doing.

Even being mindful about what we're feeling  is good but also vague. I mean, what are we suppose to DO about what we're feeling?  Just keep feeling it until we "love" it, or it feels better or we "accept" it?  When I did that, I was left feeling, well...., empty,  ...and disappointed.

When I got into Energy Healing everything changed.  I didn't realize it at the time, but what I was learning to do was pay focused attention or mindfulness to an energy that was 'felt' as a body sensation.  First I Tapped on 14 acu-points to clear the energy and that seems to help A LOT!

It really decreased the intense bad feeling and it felt not only much lighter, but I literally felt better about the upset: meaning: I was no longer "upset" but could now see what had bothered me and I could also now think more clearly with perspective on the issue for the first time.  And that changed everything. A whole new world opened up to me. 

That seemed like plenty enough for a long time. Nothing ever worked like TAPPING before so naturally I kept using it and cleared a lot of upsets along the way.

But I also learned a mix of techniques that had to do more with feeling the upset in the body as a body sensation and then focusing attention on that (with love and peace and healing), without any Tapping.  And it felt more powerful and I started having profound, deeper results than the Tapping did.

Years later I came across the term "somatic mindfulness" and thought to myself, "Hey, maybe that's what I've been doing all along", and went to check it out.

It seem like more of the same... just pay attention... be mindful... feel that sensation in your body, sort of like waiting it out.  I guess if you do pay attention to it long enough it does subside.

Well, that was like Step 1 for me, I had already been taking it several steps father than that.

So now I refer to my version of "Somatic Mindfulness" below, as my NLP Ninja technique.  NLP because it has to do with the VAK - representational system (visual/auditory/kinetic) and it was not hypnosis with trance but a conscious way to talk to our unconscious mind. (Neuro-lingustic programming or NLP).  I call it Ninja because it sneaks in and wipes out the enemy before we even know what happened. And, plus it's cool.

There is nothing wrong with mindfulness, but for me, I don't want to just feel it, attend to it and wait it out.  I want Action. I want Movement. I want Healing.

I guess I'm impatient. But I just don't have time to practice something for years on end without  knowing is it working or now. Not knowing exactly what is healing inside of me.  Even if I am calmer and less stressed as a result, I'm still curious about "what is happening  to my emotional upsets? Are they still there? Will I react differently the next time someone pushes my buttons?"

That's the acid test for me. After a NLP Ninja  session, I want the very next upset to NOT be triggered as much. I want to try and make myself upset and see if I can or not. If thinking about the upset doesn't get me upset, then that's the process I want to use.

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So on with the story:

I'm working with depressed clients, some of which have terrible inner anxiety. I have a client who's depression got better but she was still very anxious. Especially socially anxious and financially anxious.  She was always fearing what was coming next. We call that "anticipatory anxiety"; feeling anxiety about something you're expecting in the near future.

So we decided to try NLP Ninja/Somatic Mindfulness on that anxiety piece to help her calm it down so she wouldn't be burdened by it so much in life.

I asked her how anxious she was about social anxiety about an upcoming social encounter (on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is it), and she said it was a "9".

I asked her where she felt the anxiety in her body.

She said, "Chest"

1. I asked her what shape it was
She said, "Like a big grey rock or asteroid"

2. I asked her what color was it
She said, "Red and black and oozing vile material"

3. I asked her how heavy it was
She said, "Its very dense and heavy like a dense rock that is so heavy it would sink through the entire earth"

4. I asked her what temperature it was
She said, "It feels hot"

5. I asked her what it sounded like
She said, "Like a rumble and hissing and a creaking noise, like a volcano about to erupt"


Now we've DESCRIBED the Body Sensation in physical (the 5 senses or VAK) terms.

We're also payed ATTENTION to it, perhaps for the first time.

We're also out of her head and into her body and unconscious mind - without any trance, eyes wide open.

We're also naturally going within without much effort like meditation or mindfulness.

We are also not just "letting the thoughts go by or accepting them as they are and paying attention to our breathing,...

We are diving right into it and seeing it more, feeling it more, hearing it more, and that requries
Going WITHIN and using our MIND'S-EYE and trusting our Intution or our Unconscious Mind to come up with the answers.

We are also DIS-ASSOCIATING from it.  It is now being described so it is seen as a SEPARATE THING or Part of us.  But, it's not us. It's a Part of Us generating a body sensation for us to talk to.

In other words, once you see you are you and this imaginary rock is a rock, then you can "talk to the rock" or that part of yourself that feels anxious and looks like a rock in your chest..

Before talking to any part of us, its always a good idea to ask it first if its willing to talk to us.

I told her, "Imagine you put that red heavy hot rock in your left hand and ask it, "Are you willing to communicate with me?"

Then pause and be silent and just see what comes up.

It's a yes or no question, so see if a yes or no comes up.  You are not guessing or trying, you are listening and waiting.

It always answers. On the rare occasion it doesn't answer, we assume that's a no answer. (which leads to skip ahead to the next steps below). I'll point it out when we get there.

If it answers "Yes", then we say, Great, Thanks. Now ask, What do you want?

And again wait, listen, pause.

She said what came to mind for her was that it wants ATTENTION loud and clear, and it was almost funny and a play on words because we were paying attention so much to where she felt anxious.

So we asked it :"Why are you making me anxious, Are you trying to help me in some way"?  (We assume it has a positive intention to protect us since most anxiety is fear and we get a signal to warn us to safety.)

She paused and listened.  "To alert you to danger" is what is answered.

So, ok good. We paid attention to a Part of us that was upset (anxious) and we described it so we could see it more clearly so we could talk to it directly. We then asked for its willingness and help and it gave us answers.

At that point her anxiety was down from a 9 to a 5.

So it was time to call up her Natural Inner Resources - (this is what you do next if the Part says No, it won't communicate with you, you just jump to this point and continue on.)

To do this, we let the left hand holding the imaginary part-body-sensation, to just relax and put that aside for a minute and now focus on your right hand and put these things inside you there.

I say 9 resources and pause after each one until she gets a sense of putting her inner feeling into her right hand.

She asked me, "Is this where my spiritual animal comes up?"  I answered, "Just put these feelings there and then let's see what comes up, we'll describe it with the same 5 questions above once we have all 9 resources gathered there."  "OK" she said.

You can imagine the word, or remember a time in your life when you felt like the word, or think of people or things you feel the word about, etc. or just use your imagination and pretend you're putting it there. Doesn't matter. Just put the meaning of each of these words into your Right hand, ok? "Ok".

Love..... (pause and let yourself look for love within or who/what you love, feel the love you have for a person or see the love your dog has for you or recall your love of art, or whatever, just put Love there.)  Once she "gets" that, I don't really have to explain each word, but here are the words and some things I might say to help the person call them up:

Strength.....(pause) Remember a time in your life when you were strong.

Courage... (pause) Recall a time you were scared but did something anyway when you had courage

Centeredness..... feel centered and grounded right now where you sit

Gratitude..... think of all the things you are grateful for in your life

Faith... think of your faith in life, in yourself, in God, in whatever you have faith in

Energy... put your energy there, the energy you've seen in yourself when getting things done

Power.... put your power there, the power to move things and make things happen

Compassion.... lastly put your compassion there, and have compassion for yourself for having all this anxiety for so long....

Now... did you put all those tings there? Do you fel them in your right hand? Yes
(I've never heard a no yet)

Good, now what does it look like?

"It's like a sphere, round"

What color is it?


How heavy is it?


What temp


What does it sound like?



Now we have ANXIETY in our left hand and our RESOURCES in our right hand.

If the left hand is willing to let the right hand help it get attention (what is wanted) without the alert system of feeling huge anxiety, would it be willing to work together with the Right hand?

Usually there is a "Yes". [For  'no', there is another way to deal with it, see below.]*

Ok, so when they are ready, let the left and right hands come together and hold each other so they can help each other and form a new, super part that, moving forward, will help you get attention without anxiety.

Her hands moved together after a few seconds and she held them together for a long time and then began stroking her hair back with both hands and massaging her temples and cheeks.  I didn't comment on that, but I could see she was running her hands and touching the energy meridian pathways and acu-points.  Her body-mind-energy knew naturally and unconsciously that she needed her energy to move to help clear up this issue and be able to move forward with fresh energy and her mind and both left and right sides thinking clearly without the anxiety upset making her hold it all in. I also noticed she was taking deep breathes and stretching and sitting upright more, more eye contact and with a big smile.

I asked her how her anxiety at "that went from a 9 to a 5" anxiety level, was doing now?

Her 5 went down to a 2 she said. She was smiling and laughing more as she spontaneously went into a monologue for several minutes about all the insights that were coming to her just then about why she felt anxious and funny things about it, like getting a joke for the first time after it puzzled you for years...

So we ended there and I told her to practice this at home every day on any type of upset or trigger.  I explained to her that its the practice of the technique on all upsets that has an accumulative affect where in 4-6 weeks from now she wouldn't have near as bad of reactions to triggers as she's had before now.  But it might be hard to tell until she went about her life, practiced it several times a week, and then let a few weeks go by. And then from that point, look back and see if you notice any difference in comparison to before now. Looking back on it later is when you can really see a big difference. but don't concern yourself with that now. Just practice the NLP Ninja every time you get upset in the next few weeks.

Here are those Cheat Sheets Again.

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Its hard to explain how you will feel after the ABSENCE of something that's been with you so long its like part of you, part of your every day life and existence. Then when its gone, sometimes you don't notice it, you just naturally make better decisions, get things done, etc. and sort of "forget" how upset you used to be until you look back to now and remember how anxious you used to get. 

My NLP Ninja technique is a gentle, fun, easy and quick way to heal these somatic sensations of upsets that has a real lasting effect.

She came back 1 month later and said she was less anxious overall,.... BUT, she said, "I'm still anxious about some BIG STRESSORS in my life, like my Taxes and some Loans, and stuff".

Ok, that's financial stress you mentioned before, let's work on that today.

How has your social anxiety been. She said she was less anxious when in social situations, and even at a recent BBQ she could tell the difference for sure, because she felt at ease and not uptight and had to fake happiness like she did before. She felt comfortable and had a good time and even made a new friend who she had something in common with.

She also said she found a work-out buddy and so she had been working out more which was making her feel better all around too.

This was all great. She hadn't had these good feelings and experiences in many, many years. Her anxiety had prevented her from ever feeling this at ease around others.

So we talked about her BIG financial stressors. Found the fears, rated them with numbers 1-10, found them in her body, asked it the same 5 questions and if it would communicate and brought up the same resources in her right hand and again, brought them together and let her talk about how she felt now and what she saw herself doing in the upcoming months about these issues she knew she had to deal with.

Again, it worked seamlessly and she felt better and got a 9 down to a 3 and said, "I feel better now but what if I do get a letter with bad news in it in real life, and I panic again"?

Just put the letter down and ask yourself "Where do I feel that in my body" and run it through the same 5 questions... just repeat this whole exercise.

"Oohh, I get it", I'll bet that would help a lot. It always helps when we do it here."

See yourself in the near future getting a letter with bad news, and see yourself practicing somatic mindfulness on whatever comes up.

"Ok, I can see that, she said, I can see myself putting my hand on my heart but instead of falling into fear I'll probably be able to detach from it some, then call up my resources and in that state of mind figure out my options of what I can do about it."

That's the whole point of this exercise. To teach people to do it for themselves in the moment when they "catch" it happening in real life.

Use it as a coping or healing tool.  Just use it regularly for at least 6 weeks, maybe over the next 90 days and then look back to see how things have changed; how you are different; how less intense your reactions are, how more calm you are, how more confident and less upset.

But I usually don't say all that - even though that's what I see after 2-4 weeks of people practicing this.
I don't say it because I don't want them thinking I some how hypnotized or suggested or implanted that into their mind which somehow makes it not "real".

That's what one client told me a few years ago, and I always remembered that, so I made a point of waiting until the next check in to see how people were doing so they could see it for themselves.

It's a good skill to have and a great technique to practice in a relatively short amout of time that really helps people with the thing they are struggling with most: their inner reactions, that they had to just hide, push away or ride out before.

Now they have a tool to DO something about them in the moment.

And that's what I love about my little NLP Ninja technique. It gives people their power back to DO something about what bothers them or triggers them.

I hope you give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,

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