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Ways to Replenish Your Energy When You Are Overwhelmed

This post is about "Ways to Replenish Your Energy", which came straight from my "Cream of the Crop" Recovery Tapping Binder.

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I knew there were times when we're just exhausted and fatigued and over-whelmed and we can't do another thing, no matter what recovery we're "suppose to be doing".

That's the time to peruse over this list and see what grabs you.

Sometimes you need to put your goals and "To Do" lists aside and just NURTURE SELF....

Do Nothing but PLEASURE YOURSELF, and don't be shy or ashamed of it.

You have my "permission" but really you learn to give yourself permission.

You learn to feel entitled to a little time-out, self-nurturing, "Me Time"...., So that you can be your BEST SELF and not the depleted, over-whelmed fatigues self you're forcing yourself through the motions with.  Your Real Self, your Natural State, is one in which action comes natural and feels fulfilling.

Remember, the voice or resistance inside that doesn't want you to do it, is just a part of you trying to get your attention because it has a message for you.... so embrace it..... Tap on it, see what comes up.

If not, you will burn out and continue getting worse and go downhill.  Maybe days, weeks, months or years later it catches up to you my friend.

I know in your 30's your in a hurry to get all your ducks and a row and in your 40's you're trying to get everything done and feel more urgency as you approach 50's to catch up with whatever you neglected or just couldn't get to years earlier....

....But, these things all require down time and restorative time along the way.

The paradox is, the more slowed down you get and mindfully do rest and relaxation, the more you actually get done and done well when you get back on your work horse.

Take it from me.  I had to make myself time. I had to schedule it in. I have to have "me time" and down time and quiet time.  I'm an introvert, I'm a counselor, I have to attend to ME.

And so do you.

Your homework assignment:  Once per week look over this list and pick one to indulge in for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to a whole day.  Just watch what happens during the rest of your week for having done so.

You are stimulating your endorphins and dopamine (feelings of relaxation and well-being) and you are giving yourself a break which is just what the doctor ordered when you're in over-whelm.

You  know how the saying goes.... If you're too busy to do 1 thing for 20 minutes, then you need to do 2 things for 40 minutes.  In other words, when you resist and don't think you can fit it in, or other inner messages that say I don't have time, I don't feel like it, etc.  THAT is the exact time that you double down your efforts and rebel. Do it anyway, just for the principle of it.

Later, afterwards, reflect on how you feel having done so, and you will find your life lessson and another gem to add to your Recovery Shrine if you will.  Collect these little diamonds along the way for those are ever-lasting where-as work is fleeting and you forget what you did each day years later.

You remember the diamonds and you draw on their strength to do it again because you see the real value and benefit they give you.

It's all about YOU.  Your decisions and your actions and your choices.

Choose wisely, with love for self.

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