Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Gauge Protocol Or How To Increase Your Energy, Vitality, Metabolism and MORE With EFT!

Here's a neat twist on the Tapping method.  Instead of 'Tapping' on problems, you can Tap on a measurement or gauge that you want to increase.

Say I ask you to rate your overall Energy Level from 1 -10. What number are you at right now?  How high or low is your Energy?

Good, now write that number down.

Then go through the Metabolism Protocol and TAP your Energy Level UP!

When done Tapping a round or two, re-take your gauge and see what the number feels like now. Hopefully the number went up.  Keep at it and your Energy-Body-Mind will follow along.

But, I thought, why stop there?  Why not TAP to INCREASE anything that you can measure or gauge.  Why not TAP to increase balance, strength, or even memory or mental clarity???

See full list of ideas I came up with here:

The Gauge Protocol

Now for the actual TAPPING Protocol on what to say while Tapping, I borrowed from the Metabolism Protocol you can see and download from here:

Metabolism Protocol

I figure why re-write the whole thing when I've had it in my Recovery Binder "Cream of the Crop" for years.  I just scanned the thing in its entirety so you can learn it too.  At the time I was working on my resistance to doing anything, like working out, because at the time I had mild depression and didn't know it.  I just knew I had this huge resistance to doing what I wanted, as if I had to force myself and swim through honey just to get it done - and it felt like drudgery!

When I found the Metabolism Protocol, I thought that was a great way to increase my energy and my willingness to work out.  As well as identify all the thoughts in my head that were discouraging me, so I could create Tapping Choices Statements and work on those.

It worked.  I was able to get up off my butt and do some power walking and other exercise so I could burn off the food I was eating and counter-act the sedentary lifestyle I was living which mainly consisted of sitting at my lap top and laying on the couch watching TV.

Try it out.  It's a fresh take on Tapping and you might just increase your energy in a real way that helps you this week.

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JP Bailey, M.A.

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