Friday, March 10, 2017

Healing With Qi Gong

Qi Gong

How Qigong is Best Learned
Qigong is best learned in small, easy to understand steps broken down into lessons and practice sessions. While an hour of Qigong class feels good and has undeniable benefits, it is easy to forget what is learned during that one hour session. That's where these YouTube videos come in.

These are short, easy to follow lessons that can be practiced immediately. When you have five minutes to watch a video and do some practice, that small lesson will sink in and be committed to memory. Focus on just learning one move at a time. Repeating it that day or on consecutive days will result in an increased memory of the teaching.

However, there's no limit to how much you can learn in one session. It's up to you. Watch and practice multiple sessions, from 5 minutes to a  half hour or longer. Whatever way best fits your schedule.

These videos teach an 18 move set broken down into 4 videos to help you fit Qigong practice into your day, every day. Without daily practice, the depth of the teachings can be elusive. With daily practice, the layers of benefits are clear.

Healing With Qi Gong

How to Maximize Your Learning

It's more beneficial to know one movement well than to know a hundred movements partially. Focus on each movement like it's the only one. In ancient China, students would practice a single movement for years.

Don't feel like you need to get through all the videos in one session. Take your time. Watch the same video every day for a week. Or two weeks. Really commit each class to memory, and practice it sincerely.
Then move on to the next and build on learning each new move onto the next ones.
I drew stick figures of each move and labeled them and had a visual cheat sheet that I would carry around when I couldn't watch the videos. I'd practice doing what I could remember without looking until I had the whole thing memorized.
Once it's in memory and you practice it every day it’s a fun skill to have that you can take with you where ever you go. I've done various versions of it at work sitting down or on my bike making up adapted versions, or just practicing with my hands and seeing myself doing each move in my mind's eye. Get creative. Do your own thing to make practice fun and interesting. Challenge yourself, build up your skills one small step at a time. Enjoy the learning journey. Be proud of your accomplishment.
The benefits are really multi-layered felt in your body, your mind, your energy and even your mood and emotions. You become more flexible and stronger too and yet it's so easy it never feels like you are working out.
After a couple years I started focusing more on my legs and would practice putting all my weight on one leg at a time which strengthened my leg muscles.
It's a cool form to learn and have to practice for life. I can easily see me doing this every day in my old age and feeling proud of myself for it and benefiting with more flexibility, strength, and flowing energy which strengthens the immune system and the energy meridians.
It's also meditative and mindful and helps relax the mind and calm your spirit. Being dedicated to a self-care practice also increases your self-esteem, confidence and sense of wellbeing and wellness.

For an easy to do exercise that never feels like a work out, add Qigong into your Recovery and Wellness routine, along with EFT/ Tapping/Energy Healing for your emotional upsets and to clear up things that bother you, together you will have an awesome wellness action routine!

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