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The 9 Symptoms of Depression and the Body Mind Emotions Connection That Heals Them

The 9 Symptoms of Depression and the Body-Mind-Emotions Connection that heals them:

First lets take a look at a real depression assessment tool that clinicians use to diagnose major and minor depressive disorders:

  The 9 Symptoms of Depression

Notice anything about these particular symptoms?

Like how each of the 9 symptoms fit into the categories of body, mind and emotions.

Notice how some of these symptoms don't even seem to be related or go together. But clinical depression involves all three areas because the body/mind/emotions are all exhausted, depleated and not getting stimulated but rather are going in a downhill spiral into worse and worse depression. (Frequency, duration, intensity all increase).

Let's take a look at the body-mind-emotions connection.

1. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much.
2. Feeling tired and having little energy
3. Poor appetite or over-eating
4. Moving or talking so slow others have noticed; or being restless and fidgety that you are moving around a lot more than usual

5. Trouble concentrating on things, reading, watching TV
6. Thinking you'd be better off dead or that you want to hurt yourself in some way.
(Thinking you're a failure or you've let people down - and other negative self-talk)

7. Loss of interest or pleasure(Loss of emotion - especially pleasure.
(Sometimes not feeling anything at all "blah".)
8. Feeling down, depressed or hopeless
9. Feeling bad about yourself, or that you are a failure or let yourself or your family down

Four of the 9 symptoms are BODY symptoms....

Two of the symptoms are not depressed feelings, but depressed THINKING...

The main 3 we usually think of as depressed are the EMOTIONAL symptoms, and most people don't know there are 6 other symptoms to look at.

It made sense to me that if the symptoms were Body-Mind-Emotions, ....that the Mental Health and Wellness self-help skills that could help them were also, Body-Mind-Emotional.

Wellness has at least 8 dimensions.... and I also took a look at the 9 basic human needs.

Put all that together in an easy daily routine so the accumulative effect would reverse the course of the downward spiral of depression, and stimulate the upward spiral of recovery. One nano-baby step at a time. But to take steps, one needs a path, which is what recovery is. Taking action toward wellness goals is what the daily routine is all about.

I call it GRAPES, to make it easy to remember. I've been using it for years. I've written other blog posts about it

Get Your Mini GRAPES Workbook Here!

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Watch the daily grapes and 6 Part Depression Wellness Videos starting HERE!

Last but not least, neuro-science has finally caught up with what alternative healing practitioners knew all alone: we need a holistic approach (body/mind/emotions) to heal. That's why yoga helps, that's why meditation helps. That's why doing self-nurturing things helps. That's why social support helps. That's why engaging in meaningful-for-you activities help.

All combines they work to sooth the exhausted body-mind-emotions, and, they strengthen the brain's neuro-pathways for wellness habits.

EFT Tapping on each of the SYMPTOMS is a great way to practice Symptom Management and it also speeds up recovery.

Here are Tapping Set Up Statements to TAP ON for Depression:

1. Even thought I have Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much, I love and accept myself.
2. Even thought I'm Feeling tired and have little energy, I love and accept myself.
3. Even though I have a Poor appetite or I'm over-eating, I love and accept myself.
4. Even thought I'm Moving or talking so slow others have noticed; or I'm acting restless and fidgety and am moving around a lot more than usual, I love and accept myself.

5. Even though I have Trouble concentrating on things, like reading, or watching TV, I love and accept myself.
6. Even though I sometimes Think I'd be better off dead or want to hurt myself in some way, I love and accept myself.
(Even though I Think I'm a failure or I've let myself, other people or my family down, I love and accept myself.)

7. Even though I've Lost interest or pleasure in things I used to enjoy doing, I love and accept myself.
(Even though I Sometimes feel nothing at all or like "blah", I love and accept myself.)
8. Even though I'm Feeling down, depressed or hopeless, I love and accept myself.
9. Even though I Feel bad about myself, or that I'm a failure or that I've let myself or my family down, I love and accept myself.


Measure each one first on a scale of 1-10 how bad it is for you.
TAP on one at a time until the number goes down.
Rinse and Repeat as needed.

Sometimes it takes a few rounds over time to really get some movement and change after being stuck in depression for a while - so DON'T GIVE UP.  Keep Tapping like saying your prayers or brushing your teeth.

Sometimes it takes bringing the numbers down and then "catching your depression in the act" later and Tapping on that at that time, makes all the difference.

Anytime you notice a PATTERN in your thinking or feeling or reacting - TAP on that pattern, thought or reaction.

Now you're healing and moving forward, now you're healing depression and creating wellness at the same time by doing your daily routines

Now you're flushing out stuck energy and creating new neural (and energetic) pathways in the body-mind to move forward into your natural state of being, rather than being held back and stuck.

 There's someone out there would will appreciate you for Sharing This.

 Thank you! JP Bailey, M.A.

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