Sunday, August 14, 2016

Part 5 of 6 VIDEO for Depression Wellness Coloring Workbook | Recovery Tapping | JP Bailey

 Here is Part 5 of 6 Video on YouTube

 Click here for YouTube Channel video to view on youtube and see them all

I hope you liked them and that you found it helpful, informative and empowering!

J.P. Bailey, M.A.

Author of: "Emotional Freedom Techniques for Codependency Recovery"

And as a Mental Health Recovery Specialist, I assembled the best wellness material to help with depression as a 6 part series.


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I'm trying to get this out to as many of the millions suffering with depression right now... you never know WHO might be really needing this right now.


Welcome to Recovery Tapping - Tap Out of Fear and Into Choices - J.P.Bailey, MA, EFT-CC Emotional Freedom Coach

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