Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bike Riding for Wellness | Recovery Tapping Story | And A Healing Dream..

I grew up south of Chicago where, beyond the city, there are dozens of lakes and wood trails to explore.

Then I lived in Southern California where there were tons of beaches, but not many wooded areas that I grew to really miss over the years.

Now, it's such a blessing to live in Northern California where there are tons of bike paths along the rivers, and through the woods again!  It's downright therapeutic. ....It relaxes the mind, ....it exercises the body..., and nature is soothing,... , people are peaceful...  It's healthy and restorative...... Helps your mind process things... or drift off into dreams... organizing thoughts of what's important to you....

I often say my prayers as I start off riding so that I don't even realize I'm

about half a mile down already and it doesn't felt like I did any 'work'.  Then, like a biking meditation, ... I may let my mind wander over thought after thought without resistance or staying on them,....I let thoughts and images go by like a parade...

Then I focus on what I see which are trees, squirrels, birds, ducks, an occasional turtle...walkers, dogs, other smiling bikers.

And my mind relaxes even more.

I focus on my body. I may do a modified version of qi gong while riding, (which are mostly arm stretches).  I adjust my posture... I practice smiling... I'm in my element.., and I start to daydream about my dreams...., my dream of creating a Recovery Tapping center..., teaching anyone whose interested how to heal themselves by learning Emotional Freedom Techniques, and other Energy Healing techniques.

The other night I had a dream...  I dreampt I went over to a girlfriend's house to do an energy healing on her boyfriend who just got diagnosed with cancer. In the dream I suddenly 'woke up' like, and became aware of where I was, and backed out, feeling embarrassed that I just walked in without permission or being invited.

But still it was a cool dream and I shared it later with that girlfriend, who immediately texted her boyfriend and he invited me over!

I showed up with my Energy Medicine Bag and began teaching him about Energy Psychology and Tapping and walked him through several EFT/Tapping Rounds so he could learn it by doing it.

I wanted to teach him how to use these life-altering Emotional Freedom Techniques, not just "do a healing on him".  I like teaching people to heal themselves.

He kept telling me he could feel "a release" as we did each round, and his SUDs numbers were going down on all 3 issues that we Tapped on.

I think I saw a small tear in the corner of his eye.

Earlier I searched for a Tapping script for being told you have Cancer and found one. (EFT Script for Cancer Dx), and he later said it was exactly what he was feeling; he was blaming himself for his cancer and it was a huge relief to be able to work on clearing that.

You have to love and accept yourself to recovery, you can't beat yourself up. You need self-compassion and you need self-empowerment and you need to develop your own Wellness plan.

That is not easy to do when you are riddled with self-blame and guilt and grief and fear.

But once you clear these issues/feelings, one by one, with Tapping (EFT)* , your brain can now think clearer and get back to its natural state of (love, peace, power, choice, courage, etc.) whatever it is for you.  For each person its different because as the negative stuff lifts and clears, the mind naturally starts sorting your thoughts out.

At the same time, since EFT arrested the "Flight or Fight" response, that naturally kicks in the "Calming Response" in the nervous system, which causes the body to calm down, and a general sense of well-being rushes in, as endorphins are released in the brain.

My homework assignment to him, and to anyone willing, is to Tap every day on 1-3 issues.  And do Donna Eden's "5 Minute Daily Energy Routine".  Imagine how many issues you can clear in the next 90 days!  It's like Gary Craig, creator of EFT said, "If issues were trees, it's like you chop down one tree at a time until the whole forest collapses".

I'll go back for a follow-up in 2 weeks and then give him another Energy Healing which doesn't involve tapping which is very powerful.  I call it my NLP Ninja Energy Matrix technique that is a combination of several transformative, healing techniques, including somatic mindfulness, that I've been practicing for many years with awe-inspiring effects.

It tends to put my husband down on the couch for a good nap every time I use it on him and he's much calmer and happier for days afterward...., Ladies, do you hear me?  It works.  You can use it on yourself so you don't react when they push your buttons too.  Its a very handy tool to have in your healing tool box.

But the foundation is EFT Tapping. Why? Because it involves physically tapping on yourself which is an instant Body-Mind action where all healing begins. IMHO/IMHE

Then you "get it" and can easily transition to the non-tapping energy techniques.

Well, its time for my morning bike ride before it gets too hot.  It's suppose to get past 100 degrees today.

Happy Tapping!




 *For more FREE Info on EFT:  http://emofree.com

 * Donna Eden's 5 Minute Daily Energy Routine: VIDEO

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